Tuesday, November 25, 2008


[Dude, how did I end up with so many drafts left unpublished? I'm not really like that. Here's the last one.]

One load of dishes down. Two to go. (Maybe one and a half, maybe.)

Need to vacuum, tidy up the house, pack, clean the catbox, fold and put away clothes, clean up the master bath ... don't eat my children (after Bunny ripped up the corner of a book, it was pretty touch-and-go ... and Bruise refused to take a nap [Not that Bunny did, either] and is MR. CRANKY_PANTS!!!!) ... And I'm tired. I did read a book and take a little nap. 

I also need to try and make a cheesecake. I told my mom that I was planning on doing it. I have everything that I NEED to do it ... I just have to get the kitchen cleaned enough to do it. 

And then REclean it after I do it.

And I hate packing. I always forget to pack something. Once it was clean underwears for me (Good thing my folks all have washers and dryers). Once it was socks or pajamas for Michael.
I usually seem to remember to bring everything for the kidlets. Knock on wood.

I'm tired of whining. I'm tired of the house being messy. I'm tired of not being done with my to-read pile (And with over 1,000 books on it, I don't think I'll be finishing anytime soon).

I probably would feel a little better if I had gotten a shower today. 

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