Monday, November 03, 2008

Question for you ...

Just out of curiosity, ... Which book(s) would you like to see be made into movies?

I just finished the second volume in the Skulduggery Pleasant series (Playing with Fire) ... and, gosh, I'd love to see it optioned for a film (or movie series). I really would like to see how exactly they decide to portray the characters ... the writing/dialog is already excellent ... It just seems like a fun-type movie (although it's somewhat dark and rather violent ... but it's an urban fiction for Young Adults. Makes me happy.) (Since it's a little gritty and nowhere like being from the p0rntastic files of Laurel K. Hamilton <-- I started out likeing being near obsessed with her Anita Blake series ... and then she spiraled into this cycle of less plot and more sexxxorings. Vair, vair dissapointing. When there's more pages devoted to scenes of ever-increasing sex than what is actually furthering the plot, you've left urban fiction and entered erotic fiction. I'm just saying. And that's why I've stopped reading her series -- Yes, I did try the Merideth Genrty series. It had a cool premise! ... and even MORE sexxxorings. If such a thing is possible.)


I'm half expecting the Luxe novels by Anna Godbersen to be picked up, since they're the Gossip Girl series, circa 1900. (Guilty pleasure of mine. I'm eager to read Envy, the third in the series. Rumor left us at a bit of a cliffhanger.

Michael and I have, since reading the first in the series (over two years ago), been trying to determine our dream cast for the Barker and Llewelyn mystery series by Will Thomas.
Since Heath Ledger died last year, we were hard-pressed to come up with someone else to be the protagonist. ... But maybe Shia LeBouf? (Did I even spell his name correctly? I am too lazy to Google it. Sorry!)

What are some books that you've read that you'd love to see as movies? Or just some good recent reads?


Bex said...

The Miles Vorkosigan books by Lois McMaster Bujold - but I know its not possible. They would never make a movie with a semi-dwarfen romantic lead. Its probably best left in my head. :(

Anonymous said...

Well let's see...

I need Harry Potter, like a grindylow needs water... oh wait... Done.

Uhhh Twilight? Hmmm coming out.

Lord of the Rings? Dangit.

Uhhhh how about they go back and redo Eragon.

And... I also want to see a better version of the Work and the Glory books.

And I would really love to see the book I'm writing be made into a movie... but I would also like to see it published...

I'm not good at this.

Allanna said...

Bri - Now I have that stuck in my head ... "And as Saturday approaches, my need grows!! Accio Deathly Hallows!!"

And, YES, the movie they made of Eragon was terrible!! Michael and I mock it whenever we can.

Look at the bright side, most books you've wanted made into movies ARE! It's a good thing!

Cynthia said...

"The women of the underworld" series by Kelley Armstrong. I just love her books and I can see it so much on screen! Also, my Montgomery brothers by Jude Devereaux (aka the Velvet saga). But I have to say I will be disappointed by any actor playing any of the brothers (BUT David Boreanaz could be one of them ^_^). I have to say I'm curious to see "Twilight" even though I don't particularly agree with the choice for the actor playing Edward.
On a side note, I totally agree with you on Anita Blake, I stopped reading it because it became way too much about sex! Also, at first she hates vampires and anything supernatural (except her werewolf) and now, she can't stop sleeping with them!!!!! HUH! What's with that???? Sorry but I kinda feel strongly about this!
Anyway, yeah, those are two series that I would love to see on screen.

Allanna said...

Cynthia - Ah, yes, I've read a couple of Armstrong's books ... and those would be good!

And, I should have known about the Montgomery brothers. ^_^ It would be very daunting to cast that. Now, in which brother/book would you have Boreanaz be the lead? [It's been a while since I've reread them!])

I should add the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, though. I really have enjoyed that series.

Cynthia said...

I would see him as Gavin, the brother from the first book : Velvet promise (probably because I was quite obsesses with Buffy when I read it 10 years ago and I kept picturing him while reading ^_^)And I keep picturing him everytime I read it!!!

Allanna said...

hee hee. I can understand that happening. ^_^

And I do enjoy watching me an episode of Bones. ^_^ He's such a good actor. (And that "Smiletime" episode of Angel is excellent ... as are all the eps I've seen. ^_^)

Ah. Books and Joss Whedon shows are good things.

Satina said...

I am not a big reader like you, wish I were but maybe in my next life. I did read this book while on bedrest though and LOVED it. A LDS fiction called "Before the Dawn". Cannot remember the author but it would make a great movie.

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