Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Well, didja?

Truly, if actors can't shame us into show us the importance of voting, the apocolypse must be near.
Because if pretty people do it, it's the right thing to do.

No, don't get me wrong. Voting is important. I consider it a civic duty.
But don't do it just because famous people (some NSFW language) TELL you to do it.
Vote because you feel that it's important. Vote to make your voice heard.
Vote so that I'll listen to you when you complain about the government.

At this point, the votes are still being tallied. And I've really stopped caring. Thank goodness that the political ads will stop. That we'll stop getting random bot-calls from political organizations ... and that I won't have to KEEP TELLING THEM that we've already voted. A WEEK AGO. AND FOR BOB'S SAKE, STOP CALLING US!!!!!!1!!one!!


Yes, I'm tired of politics. I'm tired of the electoral college (which almost negates the fact that we vote as a democracy ... yet the president is picked by a select group which may or may not make the decision based on the popular vote.
As Michael pointed out, we now have the technology that makes the electoral college rather obselete.

I'm tired enough of politics that I really don't care who's elected president. They're both fine.
I do think that with the financial situation that was brought about through the sub-prime lending and this war that never ends (Hey, it had lasted for thousands of years before we got into it! Signs of the times, y'all. Signs of the times.) ... it just seems that the people don't want to take the chance on a Republican (any Republican ... You could get Abraham Lincoln back from the dead and, at this point, the nation would send him to the wolves). Not just for president, either. Oh well.

At least Saturday Night Live is still funny. The Pohler/Palin rap is good. Amy Pohler's got more street cred than K-Fed. True dat.
Saturday Night Live - Update: Palin Rap

And I'm out.


Cori said...

Yes I did!!! I can't get enough of politics, yet this year I'm a little sick of it (mostly the slams from the media).

Allanna said...

That's what I'm hearing (if you read my friend Aubri' blog (Zingarette), she's feeling the same way, too.

I think I'd enjoy politics a lot more if everything was written more in lay terms, there was a little more intergrity, and if people didn't keep unabashedly SLAMMING and slinging mud at their opposition. *sigh*

I'm just glad it's over now. And it's cool that we got Obama. I hope he's able to do all that he said he could. ^_^

Brooke said...

Allanna, I love you dear. Plz stay positive...I know that the celebrity push for voting is ridiculous, but they have good intentions. They are just trying to encourage people to vote. We have in the past had such low voter turnout. Maybe it isnt the best or most admirable way to encourage the vote, but at least voter apathy is being acknowledged as an issue.

Allanna said...

Yes, voter apathy IS a big issue.

I just wish that the "ACTORS do it, why don't you?" card wasn't being pulled.

Couldn't they get some other people in there, too? And some that have VERY opposing political opinions?

I'd love to see Colin Powell or Arnold Schwarzeneggar ... even people from NPR ... Donald Trump ... and how about people who AREN'T rich or powerful. How about some everyman/woman-type?

If they could get the point across to vote because it's IMPORTANT that each INDIVIDUAL does it, I'd be happy. A lot happier than I am with the "[Insert rich and famous person's name] does it. Don't you want to be JUST LIKE HIM/HER?? Don'cha? Huh? Peerpressurepeerpressurepeerpressure!!"

But I'm very glad that, for the most part, it's all over. Maybe we can all be nicer to each other again? :) At least commercials won't be accusing so-and-so's opposition of kicking puppies and drinking the blood of innocents. For another three years, anyways.

Satina said...

Those videos are too funny. Yes, I did vote, yes I was sick of all the ads and media months ago, and yes, I think the SNL spoofs on Palin were hilarious!

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