Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's probably been about a week, if not longer, since Heather S. tagged me for one of the latest memes going around ...

The gist of it is take the 4th picture from the 4th folder in My Pictures, post it on your blog, and tell something about it.

It's a cute idea ... lets you see into yet another facet of your friends'/fellow bloggers' lives.

So, here I go:
The story behind this picture ... it's a picture that my Bucket Bunny took of one of my dear YW (Young Women) friends, A and me ... and Bruce, who you can just see the top of his head. (I'm still rather impressed. For a two-year-old, she's shot a picture with decent composition.  And it shows off A's awesome earrings, too!)

We were just about to take off from our ward's (congregation's) Fourth of July breakfast ... and A and I were talking (because A is very, very fun. And I'm going to MISS her waaay too much when she graduates and deserts me goes to college.

Bunny also got another shot where A and I are busting up laughing ... and A's about to cover her mouth ... but she (A) proclaims that it looks like she's about to pick her nose. (I don't think so, but it makes me laugh.)

If you want to join the meme, feel free! I'm not going to force you. (You know how I am about that. ^_^)
If you do, though, do leave a comment so I can be sure to drop by your blog and check it out! (Hey, if you're my friend, I probably already hit your blog. But if I don't know that I know you/don't know that you follow my blog ... well, how will I know how awesome you are? Or know to check your blog and see your darling faces/photos?

...I wouldn't.

Good thing I'm not PMSing, or else that thought might make me CRY.

... I am far too insane than is healthy. 

I should go shave my legs. I feel like a yeti. And not in a cute-John-Green-refers-to-his-wife-as-a-yeti-because-she-refuses-to-be-on-camera way.

You probably did NOT want to know that. 
Pretend I never said anything. *whistles innocently while running far, FAR away.*


Cynthia said...

Ok I posted a picture.
I like this, we can learn stuff about each other this way ;)

Anonymous said...

In response to the comment left on my blog:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, natch.

Counting ...

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