Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sorry for sounding down or political/whatever in the last week or so.

I'm actually feeling lots better about my health-insurance-less status.
I just can't get sick. ^_^

At least nothing that needs medical attention. ... Anything more than calling for medical advice.
Good thing that I'm not due for another case of mastitis. Because that'd suck.

*lol* ... Right now Bunny is lecturing me on that fact that SHE wears panties. And Bruise, if he EVER goes poop in the toilet, will wear underwear, not panties. (Can you tell what we've had to talk about before? ... I have no problem calling them panties. But Michael put the kibosh on that. :P)

And, as we were getting Bruise dressed ("we" meaning I was HELPING [read: doing 90% of the work] him get dressed), he had to go potty. Pulling up his diaper, his man-parts got caught in the diaper ... "Oh. My pen!s," he remarked. He thinks it's funny when it happens. Makes me laugh a little.

And Bruise is on a TOTAL Jonah-kick. When we get them ready for bed, Bruise DEMANDS that we read him the story of Jonah. With Bunny, we can get some lee-way and read something newer -- Like Ester or Noah or Daniel and the Lions' Den ... But with the boy?
Dude, it's like "my way or the highway [read: Tell me the Jonah story or I'm going to cry like I'm being vivisected ... Where, oh WHERE, could he have picked up these melodramatic tendancies?? *shifty eyes*).

At least he's cute. Especially today, dressed up for church in his little man-suit ... One girl (a teen) came up to me and told me that she just wants to grab him and squeeze him until he suffocates, he's so cute. :P Made me laugh. Sometimes I wouldn't mind throttling him a bit, myself ... but not for the same reasons. Ha ha ha. He really is too cute for his own good. And he uses it to his advantage -- which is when I really wonder how good of a parent I am. As he tries to diffuse his getting into trouble with a winning smile. 

Does he practice in front of the mirror? Or is he really just that cute?

Gah. I may never know.

Oh well. But, hey! I've survived most of my responsbilities for tonight's special activity. (And, yes, it's still early.) But I've bought the sugar cookies, made the frosting today. K (the YW pres) and I decorated the cookies, I transported them to the church ... now I have about two hours before I have to grab my camera and head back over to the church to decorate.

And, oh ... in the foyer, someone's written on the Kleenex boxes, "Do not remove from the foyer. I'm watching you!!"
I'm SO tempted to snap a picture and send it into Passive-Agressive Notes
I laughed so hard. And had to show it to all the people I was talking to. Because I'm a freak of nature. But you love me so. :P

Okay, I'm shutting up.

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