Monday, November 17, 2008

My kids make me laugh ...

This morning, as Bruise, Bunny and I were sitting in my bed, eating Costco's rice cracker and nuts straight from the bag (what? You don't do this, too?) and watching PBS shows, we had this conversation:

Bunny: Momma, what ou be for Halloween?
Me: What was I? Or what WILL I be for NEXT Halloween?
Bunny: You be Jem, Mommy.
Me: I was Jem this Halloween. What do you think I should dress up as for next Halloween?
Bunny: Swinder-lella!
Me: No, you like Cinderella more than I do.
Bunny: Snow White?
Me: No, I don't think so.
Bruise: Jesus?
Me: *erupts into hysterical laughter* No. *continutes to giggle and the kidlets absolutely BUST UP*

Yes, it is moments like this that make the whole Motherhood-thing, with the stretch marks, the history of (ONE CASE! GAH!!) preeclampsia, the mastitis, the diapers (and diapers and diapers and changing sheets when they surpass the absorbancy of said diapers), and the wasted food ... and the shortage of privacy ... Well, it is things like this that DO make it worth it.

And, no, I will not be dressing up as our Holy Lord and Savior for Halloween.
But it's nice that Bruise thinks that it wouldn't be such a stretch. :P

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