Monday, November 17, 2008

Another reason my children are funny ...

One of the Nursery leaders and I were talking yesterday ... and she related to me that Bunny NEVER fails to tell her that we don't watch Barney.

(I think there may be a Barney doll in the toy closet or something.)

It makes her laugh (the Nursery leader) and she fully supports our Barney boycott.

Of course, Bunny never fails to tell ME about the Barney boycott. 
Especially when we're at the library checking out a DVD or video. There's a small section of Barney videos all together. She will spy them and then sweetly BELLOW:


And I'll hiss whisper to her, "That's right, honey. We don't watch Barney."

If nothing else, I do know that she DOES listen to me. 
Occasionally. ^_^

Bruise, though ... I think he works at not listening ... Good thing he's cute.
Like with what he said this morning (see earlier blog).

My dad called earlier. He enjoyed that I did put the phone on speakerphone. And Bruise and Bunny roared and hissed at the phone. (Then I counted out loud and) They did say "Hi," which was darling. ... And then I asked them if they loved Grandpa D ... and, thanks be, they both said yes without any coaching. And they said that they love Grandma L, too ... or, as Bruise put it, "Grandpa L. " :P

That's most of the cute around here. 

And, to brag a little, Bunny DID pick up all the fake petals that she's been practicing with.  "Awl by Mahseff!!" as she says. It's great to see her take pride in cleaning up after herself. *looks over at the sink full of dishes* I should follow her example, I think.

(Also in being cute: When my dad called, I was laying down, trying to sneak a nap. He said that I sounded a little tired and offered to sing me a lullaby. Which was darling of him. It made me smile.)

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