Friday, November 07, 2008

Video, Video, Video, Video, SNARKY COMMENTARY!!

Well, I can't guarentee the snarky commentary, since I do like these videos (or else why would I share them with you? ... Well, I guess I could share total tran-wrecks with you and openly mock them ... but I'd much rather put fun stuff up.)

Here's a cool mushroom. ... I guess you could call him a FUN GUY ... fungi?

Yeah, my joke totally sucked. But I like that mushroom. Wonder if it's edible??

Do you like progress bars? This guy does.
And you know what? I rather do, too.

Oh, and this guy can dance better with crutches than I can without them.
And I'm trying to be be insanely JEAAAAAAALOUS of his mad skater skillz. *sigh*
I don't even PRETEND to UNDERSTAND this one ... and I found it funny.

I totally LOLed during the John Woo one. And I found the Wes Anderson one strangely compelling.

But the point is that I laughed. Maybe you will, too. (And warning: the Kevin Smith one uses a word that I wouldn't use. I'd substitute the word "jerk" or "bum-holey" instead. Just so you know.)

And this interactive mirror is pretty nifty.

Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo.
If I had it, I would be too vain for words, though. 
More on the conceptual idea here.

I can't embed this, but I found this a hilarious (if, sadly, accurate) view on the Disney Princesses (and my Bunny and I LOVE us some Disney Princesses!!)

And, oh ... I don't know if I should let Bruise see this or not.

Would it ruin his love of Transformers?
I find it HILARIOUS ... But would he? 
Only one way to find out ...

He likes it!!
He thinks it would be fun to have Transformers living in the house.

This is a fun commercial. Makes me wish that Michael could get home this way. ^_^

Just because I think it'd make for a very entertaining commute. ^_^

This is just a very sweet video:

Very sweet.

And, I THINK that is it for now. Phew!! Happy viewing!!
Thanks for helping me clear out bits of my bookmarks!! ^_^


Brooke said...

That mushroom was mildly poisonious so it wont kill ya...just give you the poopies.

I love how that guy said progress...I think I will adopt it

Fold My Laundry Please said...

Thanks for the vids! I needed a laugh right now.

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