Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today ... ... yeah.

We skipped out on storytime today, since Bruise was still running a little temperature. He was JUST, JUST running a fever (By less than a full degree, but I wasn't going to take any chances.)

So, he's still in his PJs ... so am I. And it's dinnertime. Yup, way to overachive, Miss Llanna.

Also, he broke a bowl (plastic) that my mom got for him (Okay, it was used, but still! In WHAT universe is it ACCEPTABLE to THROW a bowl across  the room?? I'm right in that spot between wanting to flay him and wanting to curl up in a ball, pet my hair, and sob). At least the plate and flatware are still in one piece. But, hello?!? He got the set YESTER-frickin'-DAY!!

I need more hot cocoa. And a live-in massuse. And health insurance (so that if I DO go bat-in-a-crap-house-crazy, it won't bankrupt us to take me to the ER or something. Straitjackets are rather pricey these days.)
(And you only think I'm joking.)

BUT, on the bright side, Bruise isn't running a fever anymore. His lungs are almost all clear. Bunny is barely coughing. These are good things.

Oh, and hey! I made dinner! Which should make up for NOT making dinner last night (as I felt like crap because I got denied health coverage. Again. ... BUT I have ordered the state-assisted coverage packet ... which I am eligable for since I was turned down. So ... um ... a bonus? Idk).

I'll post a buttload of links and videos soon. Just not right now.

And sorry to be such a total downer. I'll work at that.

Oh -- freakout possibility of the day (besides the plastic bowl fiasco): I took Bruise's temperature before his nap, just to check ... and it was totally subnormal. Like 95.--F. So, I retook it. REPEATEDLY. Still in the 95s. 
What do you do? I made him put on a hoodie and socks, tucked him in and said a little prayer.

After naptime? Back to the high 97s. Phew.

Thank goodness for small miracles.

Also in good new stuff, I read a book today. It was good. It's been a few days since I've read a book. (Total anomaly in my life. Normally, reading is like breathing ... I've just been busy and reading/playing games on the intertubes. Lazy me.)

Well, I think that's as exciting as my life has been today. 
Calgon, take me away!!

(Totally didn't mean to rhyme there.)


Jennifer Davis said...

I really feel for you! The insurance thing really sucks! We just got the total for Sabrina's ER visit and it was $1400! (not to bring you down or anything :P) I really hope that you are able to get some soon - one less thing to stress over...

Jennifer Davis said...

oh yeah, and it is not uncommon to still be in PJ's around here at dinner.

Allanna said...

Oh, no. I remember how expensive the ER visit with Bunny's dislocated elbow was. *gulp!*
The ER is terribly expensive. As is nearly everything these days. :S

And knowing that being in PJs this late isn't totally abnormal DOES make me feel better.
(As does painting my toenails. Fuschia Shock Creme is a balm for my soul at present. ^_^)

Kate the Great said...

Okay, for the love of all that is good.... Bring your kids over to my house in the next few days and take a day for yourself.

*pets and hugs*

I am serious, btw... call me and we can set up a play time.

Anonymous said...

Oy. I sorries.

Counting ...

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