Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I like ...

... for inexplicable reasons, at times.

- I think my favorite hollywood couple right now would be Seal and Heidi Klum. ... And not just because Seal is AMAZING (I fell in love-love-love with "Kiss from a Rose" when Batman Forever came out [Bonus: Chris O'Donnell in black rubber. Yeah, be still my teenaged-self's beating heart]), but because of their whole story -- She was pregnant with another guy's child. And he loved her ANYWAYS. (Because Seal is a kick-butt awesome dude!! Who has a gorgeous voice!! And did I mention he's AMAZING??)
AND THEY'RE STILL TOGETHER!!!! I hope that they'll be married for forever. Because they warm my heart whenever I think of them.

(Confession: I was sad when Nick and Jessica divorced. I was REALLY SAD for Reese Witherspoon, because she seems so dang NICE, when her marriage ended. Most others? Meh.)

-Other favorite "Hollywood" couple? Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. Because the respect each other and are both awesome. (Seriously, read the story of how she developed her perfumes. She's really awesome. And I *heart* Matthew Broderick. Ladyhawke is such an awesome movie. Go watch it!!!!)

As a lady was talking to me about birds that were in her yard ... and how one crow had something white in its mouth that, like, three other birds were trying to get from it, I said:
"I hope it was a marshmallow. I mean, I'd fight off four birds for a marshmallow."

(Yes, I am aware of how insane I am. thankyouverymuch.)

So, who are YOUR fave celebrity couples? I'm just curious.

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Kate the Great said...

Okay, I totally have to agree with the Matthew Brodrick/Sarah Jessica Parker thing...

Will Smith and Jada Pinkitt(sp)Smith. They just seem so grounded as a couple and I can't remember when I have ever read any 'trouble in paradise' crap about them while checking out in the market.

I have to say, the couples I like best, are the ones where one of them is famous and the other isn't. Like not even close to being-- could walk down the street normally. I love seeing people who are grounded enough to make that work. Especially when the non famous one stays home with the kids instead of a nanny.

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