Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prodigal Blogger

Okay, okay I'm back.

And I'll make up for my PROLONGED ABSENCE (Yes, Bri, I read your comment. :P)

But first, a meme. An ABC of meme-ness-essence

A- Attached or Single- Very much attached. And happy to be that way.
B- Best friends- Michael, my Mom, Terra, Bri, ... Katie, Dianne ... and others. I have excellent friends.
C- Cake or Pie- YES! Jim Gaffigan is right that cake is da bomb. If you haven't seen his stand-up on cake (and how it compares to pie, go thither!! Make haste!!!! Because it is HILARIOUS!!!)
D- Day of choice- Any day that Michael is home. And that I don't have a meeting.
E- Essential Items- lip gloss, books, the interwebs, deoderant, clean underwears ...
F- Favorite color- I'm really digging teal. But since it's the holidays, I love me some fir green, holly-berry red, icy blue, and silver-snowy-white.
G- Gummy Worms or Godiva Chocolate- Depends on my mood. I love me some choccy ... but sometimes a girl NEEDS some gummy worms.
H- Hometown- Canyonville
I- Indulgences- Bubble baths, painting my nails (esp. toenails), blogging (where ELSE do you get to be completely self-absorbed and talk for hours on end and people LOVE you for it?!? :P), reading, shopping, going to see a movie...
J- January or July- January is fun because the kidlets have their birthday. And I can wear sweaters. ... But in July, I can take them to the community wading pool. And not have to pay to heat the house ... And, oh! There are FIREWORKS! ... I really can't decide.
K- Kids- The munchkin brigade: Bruise and Bunny (formerly known as Bucket.)
L- Life is incomplete without- My family. My religion. Sugar. Books.
M- Marriage Date- March 23
N- Number of Siblings- None biologically. 4 stepsiblings. 4 siblings-in-law, with another two added through marriages. And, let's see, at least ten friends that I've "adopted" as siblings. ^_^
O- Oranges or Apples- I like me some Fuji apples. And mandarin oranges.
P- Phobias or Fears- Spiders can freak me out. And I don't like scorpions much either. I also get jumpy in large urban areas with lots of strangers. I'm not much of a city girl. The 'burbs are about as much as I can handle. How sad is that??
Q- Quotes- "When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm even better." Mae West. ... I also like C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Parker, J. Golden Kimball ... and I LOVE to quote movies.
R- Reasons to Smile- I'm breathing. There's nothing in my life that couldn't be solved with just a little more money ... and if your problems can be solved by just throwing money at them, well, they're not THAT big of problems. (Now, if only I HAD all that money avaliable to throw at my problems.... Hmmm...)
S- Season- I like them all, really. Spring and Autumn allow me to wear sweaters. Summer is great when I can swim. And eat fresh peaches. And RASPBERRIES!!!! And winter is Christmastime. And Thanksgiving. ... And I love to eat ... so ... yeah.
T- Tag Friends- No. I refuse! You can't make me!!!!!! (But, hey, if you really want to do this, go ahead. Whatever blows your skirt [or kilt] up.)
U- Unknown Fact About Me- I've never had braces.
V- Very favorite Store- If I had unlimited funds, I'd love to go to Borders/Barnes and Noble, Sephora, Toys R Us ... and then do some clothes shopping -- Sears, Penny's, Macy's and Target.
W- Worst Habit- Oh, I have too many to pick just ONE!!
X- X-ray, Ultra-sound or Mammogram- I think my ultrasounds were the coolest. Cooler than my X-rays, anyways ... haven't had the mammogram experience yet.
Y- Your Favorite Food- Um ... Mashed potatoes? Macaroni and Cheese? I like comfort foods, I guess.
Z- Zodiac- Aries

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You're cute...

And beautiful...

And I'm still waiting for a post about life... ;-)


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