Thursday, November 06, 2008

Like you can probably tell, I didn't "Barack" the Vote ... But I'm not at all sad that Obama Barack is our president-elect.

He's optimistic, charismatic, and has won the hearts (and votes) of this nation.
He seems to be an excellent person.

And, as Michael and I noticed, we don't even think about the color issue. We just look at him ... and with everyone making the huge FUSS about the RACE ISSUE, we find ourselves thinking, "Oh, yeah! He is black! Huh." ... And then we go back to our regular television-watching thoughts (or absence thereof. ^_^)

On the one hand I KNOW that this is monumental and history-making.
On the other hand, I also realize that I'm rather colorblind to race.

For some people, race is a HUGE part of who they are. And I respect that. ... Although, for me, my race (Whitey McWhitersons, as I call it.) isn't all that important. (Unless I'm feeling guilty for all the crap that white people have pulled through the ages. ... I do have some [VERY SMALL. INSIGNIFICANTLY SMALL] Native American blood in my family. --Which results in a rather funny family nickname. Another story for another time, though.)

I suppose, though, that I can liken how some people feel about their race is how I feel about my religion. 
Like in the "About Me" things you fill out. I don't put that I'm this crazy white girl. No, I say that I'm a crazy Latter-Day Saint. 
(At a bachelorette party that I'm planning as Matron of Honor, I'll the the token Mormon -- kinda like on last season of House, M.D.! But I'm not going to be doing any drinking. Not even for medical science. Because I think that booze smells funny. And I can be just as hilarious as a drunk when I'm tired. And maybe even funnier. ... I wouldn't really know. I don't spend a lot of time around people when they're drunk. Probably because once I had an uncle tell me that he loved me when he was all lushed. That was AWWWWWKWARD!!! ... and I didn't ever spend much time around him afterwards. And no, he's not related by blood, so there's NOT that crazy layer of weird floating around. Though it was plenty strange when it happened.)

BUT, back to the topic at hand, it's awesome for our nation to have Barack Obama as president. I hope that he is able to fulfill the majority of his goals. I hope that his family is protected from the barbs of rumors and all the crap that flies around when a family member is SO in the spotlight. I hope that he is able to hold himself to a high moral standard because he is so aware of how important his position is ... being the first president of African-American descent.
(And, oh, I don't envy his position. If he makes a gaffe, there are people that will jump on him so bad just BECAUSE of his skin. And that's not right.)

This IS a good time to be in our nation. And saying this as someone who isn't a Democrat ... well, you know what I mean.

Hey, do you think we can get a woman president next? How about someone of Asian or Latino descent? That would be pretty awesome! ^_^


Brooke said...


I think it is wonderful that you are we all know, I am literally I think it is neat.

I don't think a person of color has the option of being colorblind, because they are constantly living with the discriminate ideas and projections of others. We may be colorblind, but unfortunately we are a minority.

I have a very dear hispanic friend who was adopted by a white family. She has never been truly been adopted by whiteys or hispanics. She isnt she is different. she didnt grow up with hispanic she is different. She is judged by her skin color by everyone....

I think that would make my skin color a huge issue in my life.

Allanna said...

Yeah, like I said, for some people, their race is HIGHLY integrated into who they feel they are.

And I, like MLK Jr., do hope and pray for a world where we don't have to feel that -- just because we have a certain type of skin/appearance -- we are different from anyone else.

I've known EXCELLENT people of different races ... and I've known less-than-stellar examples of those same races. I try not to judge based on people's outsides ... but how they, themselves, act.

It'll be a great day when everyone can be colorblind in regards to race. Then, I think, we (as a world) will be able to truly see and appreciate each other.

Oh, gosh, I sound totally trite, huh? Maybe I should start writing Hallmark cards. :P

Satina said...

I have always said that I am prejudice against people who are prejudice. I love people of all color, race and religion and think everyone is beautiful. I personally am a little worried about our extremely liberal new president-elect and hope he proves me wrong. Maybe I listen to too much AM talk radio, but I hope he proves me wrong. He does seem like a good father to those cute little girls though and that is comforting to me. That in and of itself speads volumes about ones charachter.

Allanna said...

Satina - That's why the good Lord in His wisdom gave us prayer.
I am praying that Obama is led and inspired to do what is best for our nation. (Not just what *I* think is best. Since I'm incredible short-sighted, in an eternal perspective. :P)

And I, too, am very glad with how much he loves his family. It is a very good sign, indeed.

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