Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No, thank you

Happy Veterans' Day, everyone!

My mom and I took Bruise and Bunny downtown to the parade ... and, oh, it was rainy and cold.
But, oh, I did get all teary a few times ... Getting so many people together to support the people who've fought and served out country, it warms my heart.

And I about burst into (happy) tears when a Christian school in the community got everyone to sing (with them, as they walked in the parade) "This land is my land. This land is your land. ... This land is made for you and me."

And I heartily approved of the sentiment written on many of the floats: "Land of the Free Home BECAUSE OF the Brave."

I think that my Pop-pop would approve.

And Bruise and Bunny loved their flags and all the candy they received.
One of the servicewomen in the parade even snapped their picture as she was on her boat (being towed by a car) as she exclaimed, "SO tiny!"

Yes, my children are cute. Especially in their winter coats, which make them look like brown marshmallows. :P

And it was even cuter when Bruise would wave or clap or wave his flag or put his hand over his heart (Most of which Bunny adamantly refused to do ... which gave me the desire to eat her, I would get so frustrated. But since she's mostly darling and sweet and dear, she's still alive.)

I like the website Advanced Style, which documents the stylish elderly.
Today's post was especially excellent as it was a bit of a "Where are they now?" for the couple kissing on Times Square at the end of the war (such an iconic picture!!)

It warms my heart (again) that Edith, the lady being kissed, was the Grand Marshall in New York City's parade today. ^_^

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