Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holy Flying Pumpkin

So, let's see ... it's been DAYS ... busy days, since I have blogged.

Now to figure what all I've been up to ...

Wednesday morning was full of cleaning the house, finishing packing, and IMing with Damien.
I also made my first REAL cheesecake. A pumpkin cheesecake. (Go to Ree's site: The Pioneer Woman. It's there.)

Bruise "helped" me make it ... by asking to taste everything that went into it.

"That's brown sugar."
"I haz sum??"
"Okay, buckeroo. Knock yourself out" (As I give him about 1/8 tsp. Hey, I love me some brown sugar. Ate it as a snack one year when I was around seven. Had THREE cavities at the dentist's that year. Oy.)

And, gosh, if he didn't go hog-wild over the pumpkin puree. This boy loves him some pumpkin.
And he enjoyed the fingerfuls of cheesecake batter while it baked ... and before I loaded the last load in the dishwasher.

Bunny watched Cinderella while I went rather nuts and vacuumed and wiped off the TOP OF THE WASHER AND DRYER  ... just in case anyone looked at it and JUDGED ME or something. (Hey, when you have in-laws staying at your place while you're not there to do last-minute cleanings? Well ... if you're me, you go a little crazy.)

Got the place nice looking. Michael's even complimented me on it. Repeatedly. (Since he knows that I'm not all Miss-Merry-Homemaker, like, at ALL.)

Got a calling. It hasn't been announced yet, so I'm keeping it on the DL. But it should be good. And I don't have to give up my YW secretary gig. (Score!!!)

Got to see my cousin, D ... who I haven't seen for a while. I mean, I saw him just over a year ago ... and I barely recognized him. Since I keep this mental image of him as he's like TWELVE. And that's ... oh... a DECADE ago. Geez. Sucktastic cousin = moi. But he laughed about it. Because he's pretty awesome. It was good to catch up with him.

Saw another of my cousins and his wife ... and their baby. Got to hold H (their daughter). I wondered if my kidlets would be jealous. Nope. Bruise walks on by, checking out what's going on. Bunny, however, patted H's head. I asked her if she wanted a baby brother or a baby sister...

She wants both. At once.
Just like Bruise and Bunny.

SO, if it's up to her, I'll be dropping another litter. 

At my dad's, Dad and L got the kidlets a couple of remote-control cars (a school bus and a fire engine). They LOVED them. Bruise especially enjoyed it when I'd drive one and CRASH it into him. Over and over and over. As he'd crawl in a circle ... SLOWING DOWN to let the fire engine crash into him. Weirdo boy. 
It's good that he finds ways to have fun so easily.

My mom's getting over being sick (mostly due to her asthma). Her ears were a little plugged, which led to interesting segues in the conversation

Me: Nana's broken toe is doing better.
Mom: Nana has a boyfriend? REALLY? How nice!
Mom: Wow, I didn't know that she was looking for a boyfriend.
Me: *louder and VERY clearly enunciating* A BROKEN TOE!!!
Mom: Huh? She has what?? OH!!!

Yup. It's always a good time going home. :P We always have something to laugh about.

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