Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Politico Can I Go?

There are a few issues that I feel strongly about ... and I think that this video helps ME to understand that I CAN feel this way and not be being a mean person with an ugly heart. Phew! 

I hate feeling conflicted. But this video helps to explain Proposition 8 (which I can't vote on, since I'm not in Cali) very well:

It reminds me of a talk that we read in the Ensign a few years ago, in which President Monson used
the term "pernicious permissiveness." ... And a good way to define this term is "justifying behaviors
in the name of tolerance." ... There are some things that we should avoid because they are immoral.
There are things out there that will damage us, as individuals and as a society, if we allow them.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints explicity tells its members that we are allowed to
vote however we think we should. There are both Republican and Democratic Latter-Day Saints.
However, when it is a matter of ethical and moral dilemmas, we are encouraged to use our vote to
help protect our families and our nation from evil. (I know I sound like a complete drama queen saying this. 
However, look at how our society is going. And look at the society of Ancient Rome before it fell. 
I love America. I don't want that to happen to us. George Santayana said: Those who cannot remember 
the past are condemned to repeat it. We need to learn history and, therefore, learn how to avoid these mistakes. 
... But that's a whole 'nother blog post.)

If you want to know more about the Church's stance on issues, you can always read the 
Deseret News online or read the Family Proclamation.

I personally have friends that are homosexual or bi. I love them because they are my friends
and fellow children of Heavenly Father. Do I like everything that they do? No. But, heck! I don't
even like everything that I do! (And, I do find myself torn on the issue of adoption. 
There are wonderful same-sex couples that would definitely raise a child up with all the love 
that a child could desire or deserve. ... And at the same time, there are TERRIBLE and abusive 
or neglectful families of "traditional" make-up.) 
(Like I said, I do often feel conflicted. I'm complicated.)
Love is a good thing. The world needs a good deal more of it.
How about we just make each other cookies and casseroles? Comfort food to nurture love.
Sound good?

If we could just respect each other, the world would be a better place. 
And by respecting each other, I don't mean to accept everyone as perfect.
Just accept them as PEOPLE. We all are mortal. We all make mistakes. We all have much to learn.

In the words of Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to each other."

(If I were running for office, that'd be MY motto. Would I get bonus points for doing the air-guitar, though?)


Brooke said...

You probably know, that I would oppose propostion 8, but I just wanted to add something about Rome.... Rome fell because of lead pipes...there incredible infrastructure was had nothing to do with homosexuality

Allanna said...

The lead pipes definitely had something to do with it, yes.
And I'm not saying it was JUST the homosexuality. It was also the incredibly hedonistic society.

But history does seem to be highly cyclical. Rather freaky. Like Halloween-haunted-house-freaky.

I also don't like a minority of judges making decisions that they really don't have the right to make (as far as Prop8 goes).

Brooke said...

Well, proposition 8 is giving the decision to the public of California, but most of our decisions are made by a minority. That is how our country makes it decisions... by representation of the public.

Who has the right to decide who can and cant get married? Maybe those judges don't have the right, but can you say that you and I have the right to decide?

Allanna said...

I agree that I wouldn't want to make the decision for the whole state/nation ... however, once the public representation made its voice heard, FOUR people decided to overturn it.

That just irks me.
It goes with my belief that if you didn't vote, you've given up your right to complain about the government. (I HATE it when people complain about some political issue passionately ... and then, when asked, they're all, "Oh, I didn't vote." ... It just totally negates their whole argument, in my eyes. If a person really cares, they'll remember to vote.)
If you've gone to all the trouble of voting, and your (and thousands of other peoples') vote is overturned ... it just doesn't seem right/fair.
If they had just set it on the ballot again (and again), I'd feel much better about it.

april b said...

This is a great clip that sums up the whole situation well. Thanks for posting it!

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