Saturday, October 04, 2008


[This was sitting in my drafts ... From October]

Today, while Michael was at the Priesthood session of General Conference, Bruise hops up to where I'm reading on the couch and proudly proclaims, "Mommy see! My pen!s!"

I look at him for a sec, working out what he's said ... and there, peeking over the front of his diaper is his little pen!s. 

I had to work VERY hard to compose myself ... especially as Bruise and Bucket were BOTH cracking up about this ... to tell Bruise that his pen!s STAYS in his diaper -- you don't go around SHOWING it to people -- and that if it comes out again, I'll have to give him a spank or send him to his room.

Another exchange that happened earlier today was when Michael was making a little jump rope for Bucket (she started jumping without a rope, proclaiming, "Look! I jump rope!!" ... Something that, as it happens, NEITHER one of us has taught her) -- cutting a little nylon rope and melting the ends with a lighter so they won't fray.

We gave the talk of, "Is that cold?" "No, HOT!" is the reply. And then, Bucket really gets going.
"No, Daddy. You NO touch that. It's HOT. You NO touching it!"

Me: Bucket, what would happen if Daddy touches it?
Bucket: It HOT. You no touching it, Daddy.
Me: What would happen? Would Daddy cut himself?
Bucket: No, Daddy, You no touch it. You NO burn Daddyself!!"

My kids make me smile. Especially when they're all INTENSE about us not getting hurt. (And they're little less cute when they're HURTING us ... like Miss Buckety-Bucket reverse head-butts me [head-butts me with the BACK of her head] on my cheekbone in the middle of storytime. Owwww.)

And here are some more links that I've been keeping for you:

L'Amore: A very funny piece of work about (wait for it) Love.

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