Monday, October 20, 2008

The prodigal blogger returns!

Okay, okay, I'm so sorry for deserting you. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!!

SO, I have sorely neglected you because I've been a little busy. My mom and Aunt J came up for a visit. Michael and I took the kids to the coast. I've been RACING through books (to try and finish them before they're due). It's not that I don't love you. Because I DO! I really do!!

It's just that I'm a little sucky right now. ^_^ We all go through our bouts of suckiness, right??

If you haven't heard, the Evil League of Evil's deadline for admissions is past. So now you can go watch all sorts of applicants' videos. (Michael's favorite? Fury of Solace. I also like PMS Geisha ["Does this obi make me look faaaat?" and "You ask me to give you a foot massage -- I KILL YOU!!! You ask me how I'm doing. -- I KILL YOU, TOO!!"] and Die-ronic. There are lots and lots of other really great applicants, too.) (Also a great one: Tur Mohel. How could I forget him??)

I'm taking some better pictures when we go to the aquarium. I'm getting better with working that shutter speed option. (Black-lit aquariums? They don't make my camera so happy. *sniff* So my pictures of puffer fish? Still rather ... um... SUCK. But they suck LESS!!!)

Bucket got some new clothes ... she has pants that aren't capri-length on her! Yay! And Target has some little-girl clothes (leggings and tops) for $4 a pop. She looks darling.

Bruise is hilarious -- When we were watching Transformers and Iron Man last weekend (well, two weeks ago now), he would crouch and jump repeatedly in front of the TV at Mom and Dad C's, exclaming "Robot! Robot!! Robots!!!! Wow!"

Bucket does her share of darling. when Mom, Ju, Michael and I (and the kidlets, of course) were at Costco, Bucket spied the DVD of Iron Man. She sped over to it, grabbed it out of the display and proclaimed, "Look Daddy-Mommy! This GOOD Robot-movie! Bruce love this show. I love this show!"
(Cue y'all: Awwwww!)
Bruise returns the favor. If we're shopping and he spies something Bucket'd like (especially anything Disney Princesses [esp., esp. Cinderella] or Hello Kitty), he'll make sure to point it out to her ("Wook, [Bucket], wook! Princesses! Wook!")
(Again, cuing the "Awwww!")

I got some practice at being like my friend, Bri ... in that I got to practice some slight makeover skillz. My aunt asked me to color and cut her hair. The coloring? Not a problem. I've actually been enlisted to help friends color their hair on a few occasions (sometimes with better results than others [Sorry, Katie! But I'm glad that you were able to use that Anne of Green Gables quote in good humor!!] [Or the time that I gave my Emi-chan red streaks ... which were so subtle to our American sensibilities ... but when she went back to Japan, her best friend's mom examined her and asked, "What did you DO to your HEAD?" ... Just think what would have been said if I HAD remembered to use BOTH packets of bleach! Medical help might have been necessary!] [Or there was the time that I bleached Will's hair so he could dress up as a Dragon Ball Z character for Halloween. That one looked pretty good, I think. Especially being my first time using JUST bleach ... so there wasn't anything to cover up any mistakes!]).
No, I was nervous about the cutting. I did a decent job at evening out the back (after I trimmed it and it was a little uneven. :S Then I used the knowledge that I purloined from my good friend, Les Interwebs ... especially YouTube, and point-cut the ends -- to give some movement and all, since my Ju is blessed with naturally-curly hair. And, yay! I did a decent job, for she likes it! Woo-hoo!!

I still need to finish some stuff for Young Women's (e.g., the CALENDAR!!!!!) and I should fold laundry and all. But, hey! We're caught up on da bills! Phew!!

I'll post some more later today. Links and a meme or two. But I figured that I'd try and come up for air in that dearth of blogging I did lately.

(And a gal at church [Sister M, you know who you are] gave me such nice compliments about my blog. I'm a little nervous at the fact that people actually READ my blog ... I mean, I'm not always as censored as I try to be in public ... but it's very sweet when I get such nice compliments! Thank you!!)

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Cory, Heather, Alyssa and Owen said...

That's pretty funny that he was doing that during the movies. Alyssa was saying during Iron Man, "Oh No Tony".

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