Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OKAY ...

I know it's been DAYS since I've posted. I aplogize. Again.

BUT the costume from HADES, the costume that WOULD NOT DIE, ... She is done. 
Yes, Allanna, you WILL go to the party. And you WILL be dressed as Jem -- the glitter and glamour, the fashion and fame!!
(And you won't have to grab all your black clothes together at the last minute, paint some whiskers on your cheeks with eyeliner, and declare yourself a "cat" burglar at the last minute.)

What WAS I last year ... *thinks* ... Oh, yeah, I think I was a gypsy. Or a pirate. Depended on who you asked. I think the headscarf and hoops confused people. If I carried a crystal ball and a pack of tarot cards, people wouldn't be so confused. Or else they might think I was a fortune-telling pirate. Who knows?

When DID I last post? I know it's been too long when *I* can't recall it off the top of my head.
Let's see what's gone on lately. ... Left too late to take the kids to the downtown trick-or-treating. Tried to pick up Michael's new toy at the FedEx building in the next town (couldn't. He had to wait until yesterday for it to be delivered. Which sweetened the fact that his head was KILLING him), went to the Halloween party at Borders (which they kidlets enjoyed, since they got to WEAR. THEIR. COSTUMES. Oh Em Gee!!!!!!!) ... I did get a couple looks as I walked my little Cinderella-princess and Optimus Prime-robot over to the Children's section. It was fun.

This weekend we also got ourselves a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. Less than $20 bought us a 17-lb pumpkin, tractor rides (Bruise got to do a doughnut on the way back. Seeing a farmer with his hands behind his head, kicking back, while your son's steering to his heart's content? EXCELLENT. ... Too bad I FORGOT my CAMERA!!!! Oh well.), and a gallon of apple cider.

We had Stake Conference this weekend (Church talk for the small congregations in a geographical area get together for church). It was broadcast to the whole state, which was new and different. I now love Elder Uchdorf a little bit more. He's just so ... entertaining and spiritual at the same time. ... If only my offspring would let me friggin LISTEN.
Also, I've noticed that since I've had kids, I have NO attention-span anymore. How am I SUPPOSED to be a good example if I can't even focus on a speaker? Waaaah!! My life is HAAAARD!!!

Also, making my costume? We couldn't figure out how to use the sewing machine. We don't have a manual for it. (Mom says it sounds like the tension. I'll show YOU tension!! --- As I repeatedly cursed at it in my head. BAD cursing, too. Like throwbacks from my sophomore-year-of-high-school vocabulary. Oy. ), so Michael, ever the awesomest, hemmed the edges of my belt by hand. Because he's just that awesome.

I'm still waiting for my box of books (three books) to be delivered. I had a decent coupon-code from Borders ... so I splurged.  And I used a second coupon-code. And justified that third book so that I could get free shipping. (which practically paid for that third book! I mean, really!!)

Yesterday, I was exhausted -- I had to yell at the kids and PUNISH them so that they'd FINALLY figure out that I really MEAN what I say and that, YES, VIRGINIA, you DO have to take a nap!!!!!1!!!!one!
And then I had NO energy the rest of the day. Especially since I already had blown up at the Friggin-frackin sewing machine (it involved me throwing the bobbin-holder across the room, since it WOULDN'T FIT back in the machine after I had to clean all this thread that was making it stuck and THEN I had to FIND it AGAIN).

Sometimes, I really, truly believe that the sewing machine hates me. Like REALLY hates me. 
Like it sits there on the table and is surreptitiously mocking me and plotting my demise and the breakdown of my sanity.

Michael thinks that I give it too much credit.

Of course, I did feel a little bit of schadenfreude when, after he had told me how all the people who've borrowed it have been impressed ... and he still couldn't fix it (when normally it lets him fix it within seconds). Not enough schadenfreude to really make it worthwhile, though.

I hope that my wig doesn't fall off at the ward Halloween party. That'd suck.
And it's kinda HEAVY.

I'm thinking of cutting my hair again. And I'm happy for/completely devestated that my Bri and her husband are moving away in a few months. To CONNECTICUT!! (But maybe she'll meet Chris of Notes from the Trenches ... which could be cool.)

Aside/Tangent: It's near impossible to find the manual for my sewing machine online. 
And I don't know that I care to spend just over $15 for it. I mean, it'd be good to have ... and I love having books and manuals (because I'm A FREAK) ... but $15?? *sigh* I could buy at least 2 other books that I'd want with that price. Maybe 5+ if I go to a used book store!!

When blogging, do you ever feel like you should be channeling Meg Ryan's character Kathleen Kelly from "You've Got Mail"?
"Good-bye, dear void."

I should eat something. It's nearly noon. 
Why do I forget to eat? It's not like it's a HARD thing to do or anything. *shrugs*

Blargh. I'm shutting up. I'll post more links and what-not later.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. You don't know me. I'm a friend of April Brewster's from a looooooong time ago and I was just seeing who else was "following" her blog, and hey, you like Serenity? Best movie ever! So I looked at your blog, and caught a few subtle Dr Horrible references...

Nice to meet you. I'm Jared.

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