Monday, October 13, 2008

Six Secrets

Dianne tagged me ... so here I go:
  1. I love dill pickles. But I HATE sweet pickles. They're like pickle imposters.
    (Also, Klaussen dill pickles? Totally made of awesome. They're my favorites. They're like deli-style pickles. Love them!)
  2. I probably annoy people when I drop a (somewhat-relevant-to-the-current-topic/conversation) movie quote ... then I immediately demand "Name the movie!!"
  3. I FRICKIN' LOVE my clinic ... so, we were dropped by our medical insurance. I had talked to the financial gal at the clinic about making payments (which would have totaled around $600 or so. She told me that it's totally fine to make payments and that she was so sorry about how our insurance worked out for my family. ANNNND!!! She talked to the kids' doctor who was aghast at the amount that we'd be paying out of pocket. So he told her to give us a 50% discount!!!!!!!! FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!! (My future pet goldfish is totally being named Phyllis. No joke. I frakkin' LOVE our clinic.) (And prayer is so totally awesome.)
  4. I used to HATE onions. With the passion of a thousand burning suns. But I'm growing to like them.
    (I am NEVER going to like corned beef hash, though. Bleck!)
  5. My patience with my children seems to be directly proportional to the amount of space we are in. (I.E., In a park = Nearly infinite. In a car = Non-existent) Why is this??
  6. I believe that I'd be cuter if my nose were smaller. (But, and this is the real question ... If I *were* any cuter, could the world handle it? Maybe that's the reason I've been blessed with such a not "cute" nose? If I had one of those tiny, button noses ... the world might explode or something.)
Okay. There are six things about me. And since you know that I'm a firm believer in not saddling you with something you might not want to do, it's up to you if you wanna spill it. 

If you do? Totally let me know in the comments. Kthxbai!

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april b said...

You are a funny girl! And I agree with #4! I think it has to do with sound. The smaller the space, the louder things seem to be and multiply that by 2 and it's twice as bad! I recommend ear plugs. I use them a lot.

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