Monday, October 06, 2008

Meme Time ... Because I'm putting off doing dishes (again)

Here are some memes from Cori, who I've just found through my Cristall.

10 years ago I:

Was figuring out which college to apply to, stressing over SATs and the fact that my HUGE crush was only ever oging to be just a friend, reading a ton, never expecting to get married and have kids (because what guy would ever put up with me, etc., etc., etc.) ...

5 things on today's "to do" list:
Finish folding laundry
Read a couple library books (at least one, really)
Make dinner

5 snacks I enjoy:
Nacho Cheese Doritos
Ice cream

5 things I would do with 1 million dollars:
Pay off mortage, loans and bills (and tithing, of course)
Buy new house with a fenced-in YARD (and a garderner, while I'm at it)
College/mission funds for the kidlets and Retirement fund for us
Do some loans -- because I WANT to do that. It's wicked cool to help people become self-sufficient

5 places I have lived: I only have 4:)
Southern Oregon (Small town)
Seattle, Washington
College town 1
College town 2
Town next to college town 2 

Five jobs I have had:
Courtesy Clerk (Boxgirl) at a grocery store
PT cleanup at a plywood mill
Dancing monkey outside a store in a mall (This one NEVER goes on my resume)
Substitute Shelver at a public library (AWESOMEST JOB! Even awesomer coworkers!)
Wife and Mother (Okay, this one's upaid and usurps for Awesomest Job title. Where else are you paid in kisses and cuddles? And don't have any taxable income?)

I tag...anyone who wants to play: 
I am...Unique
I miss...My high school classes (learning PLUS social interaction? WIN!!) <-- Yes, I AM that pitiful.
I think... that being an adult is HARD.
I know.... that my Heavenly Father loves me. Even if He sometimes gives me some challenges that I'd prefer not to deal with.
I want... to never worry about money. But if that's not possible, can I get more hours in the day to read AND get housework done? Or at least some easy ideas for dinner??
I search...for information. I'm a learning geek. Love to have some knowledge and be interesting.
I hate... losing  my patience. What little I have, anways.
I am scared...of Michael dying before I do.
I fear...I am going to CRY when Bruise and Bucket start school. I am not very pretty (at all) when I cry.
I am always... behind in my housework.
I love... my family, books, my church, painting my nails, and being adored.
I feel...a bit tired.
I don't always...feel very confident in myself.
I wonder...  Will I become one of those parents that totally give up on disciplining their kids?
I care... too much, sometimes.
I regret... being a stupid teenager who thought that my first boyfriend might be the only guy who would ever love me (I mean, I had SUCH the great track record before. *rolls eyes* Ugh.)
I am not admit that I love coloring. Totally theraputic.
I believe...that miracles to happen, if you have faith. And patience. LOTS of patience. (I don't always have enough.)
I danced... a LOT in high school. I miss swing dancing and doing the Lindy Hop.
I write... in my blog.
I win... people's affection.
I lose... my patience ... especially when faced with whining.
I never...can stop worrying completely. HELP.
I listen...but not always very well.
I can be front of my computer ... or reading a book.
I much and as often as I can. The kidlets are learning to let me read. They are more than welcome to cuddle with me ... and encouraged to bring a book of their own!

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SO fun to get to know you better!

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