Thursday, October 23, 2008

More linky luv

If you are in need of Pirate Posters, this link will deliver.

I'm a fan of clever printed T-shirts (which you might not know because I'm too poor to buy any, since I spend just about all my "extra" money on books). Here are some about the present economy.

Test your reaction time with this game.

See how accurately you can eyeball figures and angles and such with this game.

Having troubles with the new digital converter boxes? See here:

Here's a short history of the White House garden. I kinda liked it.

Here's a way to put things into perspective:

Are all the urban fiction covers looking the same? SciFiGuy agrees.
(Video of examples included. Michael was amazed that I HADN'T read many of them. *shrugs*)

This story (Love in the Holocaust) helps to reaffirm my faith in mankind. Very sweet.

That covers it for now. I think.
(Michael will thank you for helping me to get through my HUMONGOUS list of bookmarks.)

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The Nielsen Fam said...

I really likes the video about America's garden. It really does make sense. Thanks for sharing and for wishing me a short and easy labor. I am truly hoping for one.

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