Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today ...

I'm just a little bummed today. It's a quiet day. Bucket's got a cold and is coughing and snuffed up and is running a little fever (like 99.3F) ... The kids elected not to go to storytime. But I am going to drag them out shopping. I have to finish getting the last few things for my costume (I was able to get a shirt and skirt that should work. And a wig and pink hairspray. And the eyeshadow and tights and shoes).

We also gt our application for health insurance denied. Major SUCK. I cried. It's not like we're unhealthy. There has to be some misunderstanding. So I emailed them back asking for the REASON (not just some vague crap like we were sent). Hopefully they respond back an H of a lot sooner than it took them to deny us. We're basically healthy people ... I wish I knew why they denied us. I'm just going to tell myself that it's due to quotas. Or the dark lord of lies and evil.

But I did get a pair of cute shoes yesterday. So that was good. 

I still feel like crying a bit. I don't like being all sad. Could be PMS, though.

And I'm Matron of Honor in a friend's wedding. We've been friends since third grade. However, she's a little upset since I'm not able to totally fulfil my MoH duties. She wasnts to go out for a last hurrah -- drinking, strip club, that sort of thing. And I'm not willing to do that. Thankfully, our mutual best, is going to take her out (and be the DD). Not that she nor I have any real desire to see gyrating men.

(The conversation b/t my friend [the bride-to-be] and I went like this:
BtB: And I'd like to have a party. With strippers!
Me: Uh, I'm not comfortable with that. And Michael wouldn't approve, either.
BtB: So, bring him along.
Me: Um, NO. And if I brought Michael along, we'd have to bring the kidlets ... and I am NOT having my kids around strippers. Sorry.)

(Rox, thanks again for being awesome and for being the DD for our girl. You are full of win. Just thought I'd let you know. Again. ^_^)

I couldn't sleep last night. I finished one book (well, as much as I was gonna read), played around on the 'puter until about midnight, and STILL couldn't sleep, so I ended up reading until around 2 A.M. Joy. 
AND I have a meeting tonight. So I probably won't be home until 8:30 or 9. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight. 

Maybe it is my period. I mean, the crying jags ... the insomnia ... could just be my stupid uterus being stupid toward me.

Yup, I have just totally discussed my reproductive system with you. Sorry. TMI, I'm sure.

Just keepin' it real, you know.

The kidlets' cousins came over yesterday. They had fun. My younger niece actually talked a lot. I was surprised.

Bucket, when we were out shopping last night, found something she DESPERATELY wants -- seven Disney Princess dolls (like Barbies) for $60. Heck, I want it, too!!

Do you ever think that with just some more money, life would be a whole lot easier? I do.
And, I guess that it's a good thing ... just about every problem that I have right now can be solved with money. So, things aren't nearly as dire as they can feel.

Yeah, I'm just shy of crazy right now. Oh well. You still love me, right? Even though I'm kinda hormonal and craphouse-bat crazy?

(You can lie to me if you need to.)

I think I'm going to watch a few YouTube ELE applications. PMS Geisha always makes me smile.
And I think some Tur-Mohel is what I need.

Maybe just "more cowbell."

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Brooke said...

Miss are allowed to be sad and cranky without it being attributed to hormones....we are all allowed those days. Take yours and dont worry about your hormones...hell....blame it on men. I always do.

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