Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meanwhile ....

Okay, so here's my catching-up blog ... 

Thursday was spent in preparation for traveling on Friday. (Why do I always want to spell 'traveling' with two 'l's?? I really DO want to spell it that way. I wish I knew why.)

We got up on Friday, finished packing, tidied up the house just a wee bit, took out the trash (since we wouldn't be here to put the trash on the curb Sunday night), blah, blah, blah ... got the kids in the car. We only forgot to grab the things that went back to Mom and Dad C (drill, thread) and the power cord to Michael's laptop. Oops.

The drive went well, with my Mom's portable DVD player ... the kids were entertained. However, the unfortunate thing was that the book I brought to read aloud to Michael? It's the third and not the second in the series. :(  (I brought Shanna Swendson's Damsel Under Stress ... I still need to buy Once Upon Stilettoes. *sad face*) I just figured that I'd try to pick up a copy, since we'd be in a rather large town.

Bruise and Bucket enjoyed the Happy Meal toys that they received. Barbies for Bucket and cars for Bruise. Good stuff.

Bruise also really enjoyed Ironman and Transformers. (Yes, he paid more attention to those shows than he pays to me. *sigh* Boys. 

T2 and J came down Saturday and we all went to a farm. Bruise LOVED the pony ride (Bucket wasn't quite the equestrian we thought she might be. She had to hold onto Michael's hand the whole time that a very nice girl was leading around the donkey Bucket was on.) and they both had fun riding in a little pony-drawn cart. They really enjoyed petting the bunnies. And Bucket gave a goat a kiss. They also enjoyed the apples that Grandma bought them (as did I, since I finished off what they didn't eat. Those were some GOOD apples).

Bucket did get the Princess panties that I've promised her. She's been really good about going to the bathroom. And, when we got home, we also gave her her Cinderella cell phone. (I'm sitting on a toy Bumblebee Transformer for Bruise. If he EVER goes poop in the toilet. ... I'm just hoping that it'll be someday before he's THIRTY. *sigh* ... If you have any hints, LET ME KNOW. PLEASE.)

Bucket napped in the van with T2 as we went to a flour mill on Saturday (after we wore them out at the farm). Bruise had a great time looking at the water-driven mill with Grandpa and Uncle D. He also very much enjoyed trying the free samples that were there. (Michael prefers the buffalo jerky, whereas I liked the elk. Probably because my Pop-pop made venison jerky after the menfolk went hunting. I miss that jerky. I miss Pop-pop more.) There were also some fudge samples. There was an excellent vanilla-coffee flavored one. (I'm such the bad Mormon, liking the flavor of coffee. I'm going to Hell. I know. :P)

Michael and I ditched (ha ha) the kidlets with the family and we hied ourself off to go see The Dark Knight. (Excellent. If only all screenplays could be this well-written. But the retainer that Christian Bale wore to disguise his voice as Batman? DISTRACTING! Because BATMAN DOES NOT LISP!!!!!!!)
Then we hit the mall so I could hopefully buy Once Upon Stilettoes. ... The Waldenbooks didn't have ANY of Shanna Swenson's books!! Ugh!! (Or Will Thomas', whose Barker and Llewlyn series I got Michael turned onto.). I felt rather betrayed.

Sunday, after church, T2 and J took off for home. We went to Mount Ashland. We ended up on a bit of a hike. And, oh, it was chilly. Bruise got a case of the shivers. Dad C and Michael ended up bringing the van up to pick the rest of us up. And we found out that we had a headlight out. AND we have something funky going on with the van's wiring. Grr. But we made it back to Mom and Dad C's safely. (Replaced the headlight bulb Monday morning. So we're totally safe and not in danger of being ticketed. Phew!)

Monday, I checked around online for another local bookshop that might have the books I wanted. Barnes and Nobles' site said that they had Once Upon Stilletoes AND THREE of the Barker and Llewelyn series -- including a fifth volume that I hadn't known had come out!! ... So I totally geeked out in front of Mom C ("Mom, you've been holding out on me! There's a Barnes and Nobles TWO MILES from your HOUSE?!?" ... and I did a little happy dance that I could buy THREE Will Thomas novels) ... so, once we were packed up, off we went.

Now, the website lied about having Once Upon Stilletoes. :( But I DID get all three of the Will Thomas books that I wanted. And I'm excited to read them. Michael and I got through about half of The Limehouse Text (and, with my express permission, he has taken it to work to read at lunchtime). He will soon take The Hellfire Conspiracy ... and he'll probably read The Black Hand before I get to it (I have lots of library books to get through. *sigh* Not a BAD thing, really.)

After B&N, we went to a small cheese factory. Unfortunately, due to being in the middle of a remodel, all we could do was try a few samples (Bruise seems like like blue cheeses just fine. And Bucket enjoyed the curds very much) ... then we headed home.

Bucket had done such a good job using the potty that she was still in her Princess Jasmine panties ... and about twenty miles from home, she woke from her nap, crying because she had peed her pants. Oops. So, when we got home, we washed the car seats' covers. (And I finished giving the van a preliminary cleaning this morning, before I hosted our weekly playdate.)

After all the traveling and all, I'm pretty bushed.  I'm almost done with another library book. And I need to finish watching Iron-Jawed Angels. And do the dishes. And a million other little things, really. 

But it was a lovely weekend. I'll try to post some pictures soon.
After I finish some books, catch up on some blogs and comics, nap, do dishes, make some dinner .... *sigh* So, yeah.

Oh, and I'm a good mom. Because when Bucket had to poo and the one bathroom was occupied, I took her outside and held her over the trashcan so she could poo and wouldn't mess up her Princess panties.

Michael says that he'll be sure to include that in my application for Mother of the Year. :P


Cory, Heather, Alyssa and Owen said...

So do you know of any other good books? I was thinking of seeing I could find those books that you mentioned. By the way what is the first one in the Will Thomas series?

Yep I can't get Alyssa to go poop in the toilet. Pee is the only thing. Did Zoe have a problem with pooping in the toilet?

Allanna said...

Nah, she's on fire with going poop.

I asked her, "What do you need me to do to get you to go poop on the potty?"

She told me that she needed a purple cupcake. I said okay. About two weeks later (after we talked about that purple cupcake, like, EVERYDAY), she did it.

And the first book is called "Some Danger Involved." It's seriosuly wicked-good. If you like Sherlock Holmes-type stories, it's the bomb.

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