Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What would I do without the Internet??

So, yesterday, I was at Mutual (I fill in when a class advisor can't make it. Since one advisor JUST had her baby, I was called to action.) ...

And I was talking to one of the girls. One of the Young Men leaders joked about having a cover charge for something involving the Halloween party ... the girl asked, "How much would that cost?" Just joking around, you see. (She's not half as gullible as I was at that age.)

I remembered an applicable movie quote ... and then I couldn't remembe the movie it was from!!!! Ohnoz!!!!

I was able, through a few little searches in Google, to find it! Yes!!!
DOUG: Hello, my good man. How's it going tonight? BOUNCER: Good. You're still not getting in. 
DOUG: Well, that's not what a good friend of mine told me. Maybe you know him?   His name is Abraham.  
Doug drops a five dollar bill on the Bouncer's clipboard. The Bouncer doesn't move.  
DOUG: You don't know him?
STEVE: How 'bout his two friends? George Washington and... George Washington?  
Steve drops two one-dollar bills. The Bouncer doesn't move.
DOUG: Let's not forget the other boy in the band, Mr. Hamilton. He's a little lonely, wants to join his buddies.  
DOUG holds out a ten. He waves it up and down, sideways, drops it, but the Bouncer still doesn't respond.
STEVE: Wait up, look what we got here...  
Steve reaches into his pocket, pulls out some change, starts dropping coins.
STEVE: Mr. Jefferson, Jefferson, Lincoln...
DOUG: ...Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, and a commemorative coin -- '84 Olympics -- what a proud chapter in Angelino history.
Seriously ... I know it's a rather TERRIBLE movie ... but Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan?? 
(It didn't hurt that I had SO mnay high-school friends that loved Night at the Roxbury, too. 
Ty-ty and I would quoteit back and forth. Along with Austin Powers. 
And bits of The Fifth Element. And Monty Python and the Holy Grail.)

But, yeah. I love my friend, the Internets. Always there for me. ^_^

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