Friday, October 10, 2008

no real blog

We're headed to visit family. So I'll be blogging a little less until maybe Tuesday? Sorry!!

To sweeten the deal, here's an exchange between Bruise and me:

B: Nom, nom, nom!! (at my ankle)
Me: Bruise! What are you doing??
B: I a dragon! I eatin' yoor foot! Nom nom nom!!

Yes, I was attacked by a dragon. It was rather awesome.

In other news, I'm really enjoying Lisa McCann's novel, Wake.
Among other books.

And I gave up on Airman by the guy who writes the Artemis Fowl books. I've given it two shots and couldn't finish it either time. *sigh* I still feel this as a personal failure. It's weakness in my character. *sigh*

Gotta go clean up and pack the car!!!! Tschuss Lieblings!


Anonymous said...

I love how when I was reading the Dragon Exchange, Bruise sounded like a LolDragon in my head... It's not him, or you, it's me :-)

I'll miss you.

Kate the Great said...

Don't feel badly, I have a book that I've tried reading five times and still can't bring myself to read it all the way through.

It's such a major book in modern lit, that I'm too ashamed to even say what it is... I would tell you where people couldn't laugh at me, lol.

We can lament together.

Dianne K. Nelson said...

I tagged you. You can play when you get back.

Dianne K. Nelson said...

OH, and I meant to add that I created a "just couldn't finish it right now" category on GoodReads. Come and join me there!

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