Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Testy, testy ... Oh, maybe I should chillax.

I completed the costume that would not die... aka, my Jem costume.

And, really it turned out well. Even if I accidentally cut the skirt too short (Showing my religion, anyone?) and the blue fabric paint that I used wasn't COMPLETELY dry ... and even though 99.9% of the population at church had NO IDEA of who I was supposed to be.

The hair wasn't quite right, really ... colorwise, it was great. And my eye make-up turned out REALLY well.

My belt isn't quite the right size ... but the fringe turned out better than I thought it would ... especially being hot-glued in, since my sewing machine went bat-in-a-craphouse-crazy on me.

Bucket (who says that her nickname is now BUNNY ... I'm going to try and remember that) was one of, what, six (?) Cinderellas. She was the glittery-est, thought. (Since I did her make-up. Had to get some use of all the glittery stuff that I don't wear since I'm getting closer and closer to the big 3-0 ... and I'm starting to feel it every so often. Like why I have my natural hair color now. I used to be all flashy ... and now ... I would like to blend into the woodwork every so often...).
Bruise was a very nice Optimus Prime. The YW (well, at least two VERY much) adore him. One of my YW told me that whenever she goes to help out in the Nursery, she plays with Bruise the whole time, if she can. ... He loves him the ladies. ^_^ It seems like EVERYONE knows my son. For an almost-three-year-old, he's developed quite the following. Maybe this is paving his political career? His platform -- More graham crackers, more Hello Kitty, and more robots!
That and going poop in the toilet? Totally overrated.

At the ward party, Bucket did have an accident (one that made me wish I had a bucket!!) ... She was obviously having too much fun and, as we were starting to go, totally let loose. She must have had at least a pint stored in her, poor girl!
And bad-mommy me, I didn't have any diapers or extra clothes in the car. So, as we waited for Michael (for nearly an hour -- he was helping clean up), she sat in her carseat with a cloth diaper I just HAPPENED to have in the car (for wiping the inside of the windshield) under and around her.
She also had to go potty again ... so I held her little half-dressed self precariously balanced so that she could pee and wouldn't pee on me. In the parking lot. Since I couldn't leave Bruise in the car ... *sigh*

We got home, kids took a shower and went to bed. I did a quick hand-wash of the Cinderella dress. We went to bed. And Michael let me play with his tablet. (No, it's not a euphimism. It's his new computer. I played Mah Jongg. And tried some other games. Thought he does deserve lots of euphimism, since he's a super good husband who doesn't complain that I STILL haven't done the dishes. Or folded the laundry. ... But I DID give the cats flea baths and put medicine on them ... so hopefully the flea infestation of 2008 is at an end. *sigh* Stupid fleas.)

It's almost time for me to get the kidlets (and myself) dressed to go to storytime (and turn in our ballots). Maybe my books will arrive today. That'd be really nice. I like books. Even if I won't get around to reading these for a while. Michael will have some spare reading time ... and I know he'll enjoy these. 


Brooke said...

I bet you were a most fabulous Jem and I would have known what you were...Mormons...they are behind on everything cool

Allanna said...

Heh, heh. I like how you say that like you're NOT a member of the Church. :P

And, yes, you ARE cooler than most everyone. ^_^ I'm glad that you're hip with your 80s pop culture. ^_^

Good thing I didn't go as Catra again. NO ONE would have gotten that. "Um, are you Catwoman?" :P

Fold My Laundry Please said...


Kate the Great said...

Where are the pictures?!

Prissy & Hero said...

You're not showing us a picture?!? I want to see this GEM costume. It would bring back such memories. She's truly amazing, truly, truly, truly amazing. Whoa.

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