Friday, October 31, 2008

Okay, okay, okay ... I get it. You want pictures, MUST have pictures of me as Jem! ... Being totally outrageous.

Fine, fine, fine. Here.

I'll warn you, though, they're not the best pictures. (I'm picky.)

Here ya go!!

Here's a VERY blurred shot (Or maybe it's not blurry. Maybe I really look this blurry irl. You never know.) of MOST of the outfit (You're just missing the fringe, heels, and grey tights ... and the skirt which is a LIIIIIITLE too short on one side. But most people wouldn't notice, since the fringe covers most of the offending area.)

Then there's the close-up of the eye make-up:

(Okay, maybe I'm not all that blurry irl.)

Here's one where you can kinda catch me in the costume parade with Bruise and Bucket Bunny
... you're still missing the shoes and the longer part of the skirt.

(Dianne, you wanna hook me up with the pictures that you took? ^_^)
(She did get some shots of me all dressed up. And she's a really good photographer. Michael and I do what we can. ^_^ 
But she's practiced lots more. And it shows. ^_^)

Here's Bruise and BUNNY with one of their friends from Nursery. 

(There were at least two other Cinderellas in attendance. All were darling.)

Things that I would have done differently:
  • Made sure how short the skirt would have been (double- & triple-check) before cutting it.
  • Tried to find a less-intense pink hairspray. It's close, but a little too bright.
  • Boned up on how to set the tension on the sewing machine. (We ended up not using it for the belt. Which was a bit of a challenge. And also proves that my husband totally rocks!!!)
  • Not yelled at my kids for distracting me so much as I tried to get dressed.
  • Remembered to wear my JemStar earrings. :P 
  • Gotten a NOT curly wig. Wavy=okay ... Showgirl-style=Not so great.
But, overall ... except for the fact that 99.96% of the people had no idea who I was, it went well.

One of my young women thinks that I should DEFINITELY dye my hair pink (or neon green). 
I told her I might compromise on a bright red. I've never done a good red (well, besides that period of a few hours. And it was FIRE-ENGINE red. Looked cool, but I couldn't go to the Kinders that I'd been student-teaching like that. The principal wouldn't have liked that much.)
The other times I've tried going red? It was either Strawberry Blonde or LeeLoo orange (From The 5th Element ... you know, the film).

The Bishop (He's like a pastor or minister, for those confused by the Church-speak) had called to talk to Michael. He asked if I had de-pinked my hair and seemed relieved when I told him that it was a wig. ... He said that he perfers me the way I normally am. ^_^ It made me laugh, since he's such a calm person ... for him to say that ... it kinda came across (in the nicest way) as "Oh, thank goodness it's not permanent!" I chuckled about that. Still am.

I think that the most interesting part was having some people not recognize me ... at least when I was away from Michael and the kids (and sometimes when I was with the family!) ... well, until I started talking. Then they realized who I was. ^_^ I have a certain style, I guess, of speaking.
Really, I do write like I talk ... so if you've never heard me talk, you've got a pretty dang good impression of how I sound via this blog. ^_^ (Maybe when I actually get a digital video recorder, I could start vlogging. How crazy would that be??)

Now, I'm not sure what to do for next year ... maybe She-Ra? If you have any ideas, I now have a year to learn how to use my frippin'-frappin' sewing machine and to toss ideas around.


Satina said...

You were hot Jem!!

Allanna said...

Oh, stop. You'll make that wig FIT my head with all those compliments filling it [my head] so!

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