Friday, October 03, 2008

Behold! A Post!

Yes, I know I suck for not posting yesterday. You don't have to remind me. :P

So, I'm not all that politically-minded, but I will put in my two cents about the whole seven-billion dollar bailout.

Here's what's at Credit Canard

And here's something special from GraphJam:

So, yeah, in short ... I'm not for it. People KNEW that this would happen. They still did it anyways. 

And, hey, if the government isn't bailing US out when we come up short for the month, I don't think it's right that they're covering the buns of businesses that are giving tons of money (say, EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS to someone who only works for, oh, SIX WEEKS?!?).

If these businesses are really going that broke ... and throwing money around like that, I say that THEY can handle it themselves. If it's so important to them to not go out of business, they can rearrange the amounts of money lining these golden parachutes.
(Truly, I say let the CEOs walk away with no more money in their severance packages than the amounts going to the janitors of the company. Because the janitors are working a hell of a lot harder. --- And if the janitor is walking away with EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS, well, I don't think your company is in THAT much trouble. Go fix it yourself or let it fold.)

Bonus link: Eric D. Snider's take on the decline of Washington Mutual -- "The Feeling is Mutual"(NOTE: one picture that's not totally safe for work -- a certain familiar hand sign, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.)
(He's not the only one who banked there. And he's not the only one who got screwed by them. Repeatedly. Did the government throw money OUR way when we came up short? Hells to the no. Because we're not millionaires/billionaires. And, if we were, well, we should be able to take care of ourselves, no??)


And, to give you something fun -- Here's the other side of KTTunstall. She's so frickin' ADORABLE. Michael and I aren't crazy about the pants ... but she's just cute!

But, yeah, I really like her. She's pretty awesome. And her randanimals ... which aren't real facts. (At least not the marsupial-thing. They're not marsupials. I checked. Not quite bears ... but not marsupials.)

So, tonight, I need to make something for the missionaries. They're coming over for dinner. I also need to finish cleaning the house (The Never-Ending Story Chore). And I'd like to read a couple books today. 

We'll see.

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Brooke said...

I didnt mind her pants...

Yes panda bears are bears...but I think I may agree that chihuahuas are wingless bats

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