Saturday, October 25, 2008

I suck at sleeping

When did I get to sleep last night? 

Around 5 A.M.

When did the kids wake up?


Michael's sleeping off a cold, so I'm up. It's not like I was deeply asleep anyways.

Found out the reason I was denied healthcare coverage -- I had preeclampsia. 
Now I'm one of those people. 
The kind with "pre-existing conditions" ... Great.

I have some options, though.
I can reapply and explain the reasons I had preeclampsia (which my doctors made sound like it wouldn't/shouldn't be that big of a deal in the future).
I can reapply and just get the kids covered (which could be cheaper, anyways).
I can also now (since I was denied) apply for state-type coverage. (Doesn't guarantee that I'll get it ... but it's a start.)

Just wish me luck and pray and all. It'd be nice to be covered again.
If nothing else, I'll just have my one yearly check-up be over at the planned parenthood clinic, right?

Stupid uterus. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Mostly a indifference-detest-type, though.

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