Saturday, August 09, 2008

I had a clever title ... Then I needed a nap.

Well, Bruise and Bucket have taken to watching my old Powerpuff Girls videos (Michael was the one who got them started on this).

Bruise was sitting in my lap with a little Early Reader book of the Powerpuff Girls. He starts pointing to them and naming them off. "Bubble! 'Uh-Er-Cuh! Girls!"
(Yes, he will say "Bubbles" and "Buttercup." Blossom? Eh, not so much.)

We went to the aquarium today. Just a quick trip. The kidlets were very happy to see fishies. And we were very happy to get ourselves a membership to the aquarium. If we go four times this year, we'll totally have more than our money's worth out of the membership. (I think we can do better than that. And we get a little discount in the gift shop. It was nice to get a sheet of 3-D motion stickers for the kidlets [potty-training rewards] for less than the sticker price.)

We also had a little picnic lunch by the Yaquina Bay lighthouse, then let the kidlets run around on the beach for a bit. Once they were nicely wet-legged and sandy, we brought them back to the car. I'll try and post pictures soon. Maybe I'll even update my Flickr site. That might be the easiest ... Maybe.

But, suffice it to say that we had a good time. There wasn't too much whining. Bucket even walked for a portion of the day (I declare that the girl is part spider monkey. She CLINGS and must be CARRIED when we're out. I don't know why).

I also managed to finish The Host. I liked it. (One of my friends is almost done with Breaking Dawn. She's not loving it as much as she loved the first two. I liked the first two ... but I'm more of a Team Jacob, myself. He's good for Bella. ... And "perfect" guys? Well, I'm the type that likes guys with some imperfections. Makes me feel better. I can't live up to perfection. So, Jacob it is. ... And my friend? She's totally Team Edward. And right now she's liking Jacob better than Edward. ... Also, she and I are totally missing Plucky, the vampire chicken in Normal Mormon Husband's parody. (I've linked to it before and am far too lazy to do it again. It was just a couple posts ago. I'm sure you'll find it. Or just google "Breaking Dawn parody, Plucky, normal Mormon husbands" and click the link for the blog by Normal Mormon Husbands. There are three links (since it was three parts long. And it was very excellent. Totally chortle-worthy.)
And my friend is wondering, since she really is NOT liking Breaking Dawn so much, if The Host might not be somewhat auto-biographical, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

In other words, abovementioned friend has given me a cute haircut. And she cut my mom's hair too. Mom and I have some sweet sideswept bangs going on. (Thanks Bri! I like feeling cute! And I'm glad you were able to come over! Thank your husband for letting me monopolize you for a few hours!)

My mom enjoyed Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Bri thought it was ... "interesting.") ... and if my mom liked it, you probably will, too. Since my mom is cute and fun. So go to and go watch it!! And watch it again and again if you like it! I mean, really. It's free and fun. And you can even sing along. I do! (Seriously, ask Bri and my mom. They'll tell you that I can quote portions very well, indeed.)

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