Thursday, August 14, 2008

Extra! Extra! HP News!!

HP being "Harry Potter" ... Not "Hewlett Packard" or "Huge Porpoises" or "Hardy Petunias" ...

In case you were all confused.

But, prepare to gasp in dismay ---

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? You know, the film version we were expecting to watch in theaters around Thanksgiving?

Postponed until Next July.


My day just keeps getting better and better! [/sarcasm]

(Truly, after the debacle that was storytime ... and I put the kidlets to nap ... I folded laundry and watched about half of a movie. And most of the laundry is put away. I still have another load to fold ... and dishes to do ... but things are getting done. Slowly.)

(but, adding to the list o' suckage ... One of my favorite shirts? Came out of the washer and dryer covered in stains. Grrr. Torks me off, it does.)

(But the munchkin brigade is now happy and sweet. Even if I've forbidden them from watching any more shows today. I'm surprised at how well they're handling it. Sweet!)

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Ron Fagundes said...

I just had to stop by and say that I love your site - when I am having a hard day at work I like to stop by your site and read your posts and you bring a smile to my face - Thanks Ron

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