Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prodigal ...

So, you long-time readers may recall how I was SO. UPSET. a while ago because Michael and I had bought Bruise and Bucket little no-spill bubble containers ...

Well, shortly after that debacle, Bucket lost her blower. No flippin' clue where it could be.

We found it in the couch.

IN the couch.

I had set it aside so I would pick it up before the kidlets woke from their nap and put it with the rest of her bubble-stuff.

Heh heh. Yeah. The kidlets woke up, found it, fought over it. It disappeared again.

Michael pointed it out to me as we gave goodnight hugs and kisses.

It's now reunited with the bubble-cup-thing.

Only like a month later.


Yup, that's most of what's gone on around here. I weeded the yard today. So instead of looking like a jungle, it looks more like a huge expanse of dirt. At least I'm not antagonizing Mr. HOA. ^_^ Poor guy.

And Bruise was playing with my sunglasses ... which are a little old. I've had them longer than I've had the kidlets! Broke BOTH arms off of them. So I bought a new pair of cheapie glasses. At least these are still sorta cute. And they don't slide down my nose. That'll be nice.

Michael's telling me to come to bed. ... AFTER I make sure that dinner's put away. ^_^ It's always nice when the missionaries flatter your cooking.

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