Wednesday, August 13, 2008


As I was changing a diaper:

Me: Bucket! What in the world did you eat?!?
Bucket: No, Mommy. I no eat world.
Me: Um, no, I wasn't asking if you ate the world. I was asking what did you eat to smell like this.

(Sometimes it goes more like, "Oh my gosh, your poo ... What did you eat?!?" "I no eat poo, Mommy.")

And Bucket has also entered the "why" phase.

"Go to your room. NOW." "Why?" "Because you were whining." "Why?" "I don't know. You tell me." "Why? Why, Mommy?" "I really don't give a care. Just get in your room."

(Yeah, can you tell that I'm tired?)

The young women at Mutual (the weekly meeting for the youth ages 12-18 in our wards/congregations) thought it was hilarious that I used the term "sucktastic."

Yup, here I go. Not even three days from being sustained and set apart, and I'm corrupting the youth. Go me.

But I do have to say that my skin was super-friggin'-soft from the cornmeal mask/scrub and the oatmeal-yogurt-milk mask that we did. My one finger with all the hangnails looks (and feels) better from the scrub, too.
And I now have some carnation-scented bath salts. Might use them today. Who knows? ^_^

I've tried to be productive in my calling (before I have the chance to run out of steam). I revamped the roster (put it into an Excel File and added everyone's emails ... along with general updates), created calendars through December (I still need to enter in all the calendar items, but I have them formatted and with the value of the month and all on them ... with a SCRIPTURE and all. I mean, I've been on fi-ah! Like with flames and smoke and all.

I also FINALLY put away the basket of kids' clothes that's been in our room for WEEKS. (I still have a few loads of laundry to fold and put away ... but, oh! Getting this done is a HUGE step forward. Very huge.
And I did a load of dishes. After they're through the dishwasher, I can unload/reload and handwash my pans. And we're good. Especially since Michael (thanks, Hon!) vacuumed under the dining room table.

But I did clean off/tidy up the computer desk yesterday. And I finished one book. Started another this morning. Skipped storytime and playdate. (Sorry, got caught up typing up a letter to the Visiting Teaching sisters that I can't get ahold of by phone. THEN I needed a shower. AND the kids weren't dressed. ... Then I just kinda stopped caring so much. I'm freaking out a little about the trip to California next week. However, once that's over, my schedule should feel a little less packed.

I hope.

Oh, I really hope.

And, I also hope to start sleeping better at night. I don't know what it is, but, gosh, I sure haven't been waking up and feeling ready to conquer the world. (Maybe conquer lovingly discipline some little children who won't let me sleep my dear, sweet babies ... who won't let me sleep.)

And maybe the package I ordered will FINALLY come in today. And I can make Michael give me a backrub with my "Ultimate Massage Mitt." Maybe? Please? I've been waiting and waiting for it. I want my magical massage mitt with its little rubby-nubs of wonder. (Seriously, the gal selling it at my friend T's party, rubbed my arm -- near the wrist -- and oh! Heaven!! I so flipping NEED my relaxation! Gimme NOW! Please?)

So, yeah. That's what's going on here at La Casa Loco. (Seriously, though. I am just about to order a couple of straightjackets. Size XS. kthxbai!)

I hope that you are having a nice day. And that your laundry is folded. And that you're getting all the sleep that I'm not. (Maybe I should call in Rainbow Brite and have her battle the Dream Stealers again. Note to self: Get Rainbow Brite's contact info. Look into this.)

Oh, wow. I SO need a nap. Or some sanity.

Getting the nap will be easier.

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april b said...

You're coming to California?! Would you be coming to our neck of the woods? If so, give us a call and we'd love meet up!
And I totally agree about the laundry thing. Especially, since we don't have our own washer and dryer and have to use our buildings laundry room. Ugh!
My kids have a hard time sleeping in the summer, too. All that sunlight does something to their internal clocks :P

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