Monday, August 25, 2008


We are back from our whirlwind trip from Cali. Michael missed us. The house was clean on our arrival ... He even fixed the toilet that started to leak (deluged) right before we took off Thursday.

Saw Grampy (the kidlets' great-grandfather. This was the first time they've met him. The last time that we saw him was when we told him and Grammy [who has since passed away. Explains why he was having a wedding reception, no?] that we were having twins. When we were getting together to spread my uncle's ashes. Very circle of life, huh?) and met his new wife. She seems really nice. She brought us all presents ... crackers and snacks for Michael and me (I get the coffee-flavored crackers all to myself. Yes, I'm a terrible Mormon. I like the flavor/smell of coffee. It comes from my coming from a long line of "Friends of Other Faiths." ... And the fact that at my Nana's house, a treat I commonly received was coffee candy. Oh, yum.) and pajamas and an outfit for each of the kidlets. Bucket is running about in her Abby Cadabby outfit ... complete with wings on the back and a little petal-skirt on the shorts. Very cute. Bruise was sad that his new truck PJs were dirty. He wanted to wear those today.

The kiddos got to try swimming in a swimming pool. At first, Bruise didn't really like it. But now he really finds being towed around a pool, in his little inner-tube, to be a huge highlight. Bucket wants to love swimming ... but she's so trepidatious about it. She says that she does want to take swimming lessons next summer, though. That'll be good.

The drive into San Francisco was crazy. We got caught in rush hour traffic before the toll bridge we took. Oh my words ... and it didn't help that one guy didn't have very bright brake lights (the light in his back window was OUT ... We almost smashed into him. Good thing Mom's car and Julie's car all have very good brakes ... and that we didn't take the van). And Mom and I REALLY needed a bathroom. :S

But, overall, the trip went well.

Bucket threw up once a day with all the excitement ... and she loves to eat. And doesn't always know when to stop. Friday, she tossed her cookies in Julie's bathroom. Saturday, she filled three linen napkins at Grampy's reception. Sunday, she puked all over herself and her carseat on the way back to Oregon. Ugh. That was crazy. I'm still trying to get the stains out of her new shirt.

But, yeah. It went pretty well. Mom brought her portable DVD player (she bought it especially for the trip. We know that we can get lots of use out of it. ^_^ The kidlets watched movies all the way down. They even napped a little on the way down. Bruise seems to be a bit of a better traveler than Bucket (she wants to be "up" and held during the drive), but Bucket did a really, really good job of going to the bathroom in the toilets. She only really had a bad day of it yesterday. Bruise was filling up his Pull-Ups left and right. *sigh*

We should be caught up with insurance. *sigh* Anyone want to give me a trust fund? Any wealthy, philanthropic readers out there wanting to pay for some of my kids' college? Just thought I'd ask. ^_^ (But, really, if you're out there, I'm not too proud to accept it. ^_^)

I really do feel that things WILL work themselves out. I've been praying a lot about it. Keep feeling that it'll be okay. ... But you know me. I'm impatient. And I like me some monies. ^_^

I also like me some swimming pools. ... If we ever get to the point where we build our dream home, we are having us one of those indoor pools. Swimming year-round. And a hot tub/whirlpool/spa/whatever you call it. (Bucket LOVED the hot tub.)

Today, I'm just going to concentrate on getting caught up on things ... do some dishes, fold some laundry, finish cleaning out Bucket's puke carseat, do some reading, maybe take a nap, snuggle with Michael ... that kinda stuff.

I'm pretty wiped still ... but, considering that I haven't been sleeping all that well lately, it's hardly surprising. *sigh* I'm working on that.

And, hey, I impressed my mom by using a curling iron to straighten my hair for the reception. Go me.

And everyone thought that Bruise and Bucket were so adorable at the reception (you can tell they didn't see Bucket upchuck, huh?).
As Bruise was chasing/being chased by Bucket and the other little girls on the dance floor, one of the girls came up to us (she might be three-five years old) and said fervently to Mom and me,

"He is SO handsome."

That's my boy. Breaking hearts at this tender age. Keep it up, little man. But be kind. ^_^

And, Bucket? Stop throwing up. You don't want to be sick.
Neither do I, sweetheart. Neither do I.

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