Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Working at Chillaxing.

With the trip to Cali looming in the not-so-distant future, I've been acting ... well, um ... "pissy" seems to describe it. :S

Yeah, Michael deserves a medal for putting up with me. As do the munchkin brigade. (Even though THEY whine and set me up for my own tantrums.)

BUT, I finally got up my courage and went to Ross to look for something cute to wear to my Grampy's reception. I found two skirts. And I went to Payless for a pair of shoes. Found two pairs on sale. All in all, I spent about $35 ... but I'll get some good use out of these clothes. (I almost bought a cute little black skirt ... but I didn't think that the zipper would last well. It was sticking already. And I HATE fighting with zippers. They always win.)

Totally different note: Here are cute things that my kids say --
  • "Swinder-Lella" = Cinderella
  • "NO MORE FISHIES!!!!!" = 'Mother, no thank you. I do not care for any Goldfish crackers. Thank you for your kind offer. (although it's MUCH cuter in retrospect)
  • "calla-pitter" = caterpillar
  • When reciting the alphabet, the letters 'E' and 'J' ... along with L-N can be omitted. Dunno why.
I'm sure that there are VERY many more cute things that Bruise and Bucket come up with ... but right now, I need a nap (and I'm SO not getting one) and can barely think at all.

And I need to make some pesto today before the basil from Mom's garden goes bad.

You know how you're typing or just sitting and you're all tired and dizzy? Yeah, the last couple weeks have kinda been like that.

BUT I have a good start on my secretarial duties. I just about have the calendar done (the calendar itself and the list of activities by group on the back). I also have been downloading cute fonts like crazy. I've been reading a little (trying to get through all the books I've checked out. And TRYING to get to the ones that I've borrowed from friends who love me so much). I painted my nails (fingers AND toes), so that I look pretty and feel pretty and feminine and darling. I caught up on comics and read most of the usual blogs. The kidlets and I actually made it to storytime (and stayed for just about the whole thing!) and read a little at home. Good stuff. I feel a very little bit productive.

Oh. I realized that I really haven't eaten anything nutritious for lunch. Crappit. That probably explains the dizziness and the kille headache that I had earlier.

And I should do the dishes and make dinner and such. Wish me luck on that. And getting packed. Maybe this time I won't forget to pack myself underwear. Not like that has ever happened before. *shifty eyes* Like last weekend. *more shifty eyes*

Also, I notice that I make even more typing mistakes when I'm tired/dizzy. Thank goodness for the add-on spellchecker (One more reason to love and adore and cherish Firefox.) (Until you accidentally add a misspelling of "with" to your dictionary. Any ideas how to fix that? Send them my way, please!)

And, just so you're aware, I won't be blogging a ton this week. Being away from a computer for half the week does have that effect on me. But I'll try and make it up to you, okay?

Now to throw some clothes in the washer, finish loading the dishwasher, figure out a meal for dinner, and ... do something else. I know there was something. Probably make a check-off list of what to pack and how to pack it. I get a little anal-retentive about it after forgetting important stuff. (Hey! At least last time I remembered all Michael's clothes. There's been many a time as I pack late at night that he hasn't had pajamas or the like. Yeah. Sign me up for wife of the millennium there.)

Oh! And my massage mitt came in the mail yesterday. Wonderful! Michael gave me a back rub with it last night (i gave him one first. See? I can be nice and share and all that), and I used it with my body wash in the shower this morning. Tres nice. Mais oui.

Okay, now to be all productive before I start getting all crazy again.

Wither the fries?!? Bruise is asking to watch Back to the Future. Um ... isn't that a little ... precocious? I mean, isn't he supposed to want to watch, like, Froofy the Dog or something?
Darn that cool-looking Delorian.

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Brooke said...

Have fun on your trip sweetie...what color did you paint your nails?

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