Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stuff to Share

So, yeah, here are some links and vids and such.

From me to you.

With lurve.

Srsly, is this not AWESOME?
I likes me some lightning. Except for when a storm knocks out the power. Because then I can't go online. Sucks much.

From the ever-charming and darling FoldMyLaundryPlease - Her BIG Project! (and I'm in it!)
(And you can tell that I'm not the only one with a webcam.)

So, go, GO! And show her some lurve. She totally is deserving of your affections, okay?

And to get in touch with my inner Belle (Antebellum Belle, that is), The BBQ Song!

Nabbed from the Fail Blog:

Ken Lee ... You're a "lucky" man, all right. Very lucky, indeed.

For my shoe aficionado-friends (Prissy, I'm looking at you), here is the SECOND VOLUME of the World's Craziest Shoes ... which are all overpriced, of course. ^_^

Since I'm just that odd, I kind of liked these contacts. If I wore contacts.

Why you shouldn't date a T-Rex.

Why it'd be cool to date a unicorn.

If you've ever read the novel "Rebecca," you'll probably REALLY enjoy this podcast episode (7 min. long). If you haven't read it ... you'll probably still enjoy it.

Yesterday was Eric D. Snider's birthday. HERE is one of his hilarious blog posts. I have to remember to share it with best-friend-T (She loves Bring It On.)

If you want to see how you look if you were in a manga, go to
This is me:

What do you think? Any resemblance?

And, lastly, because as much as I like the Twilight series? I like mocking it even more.
Here is the BESTEST EVAR preview I've seen for the Twilight movie. (From SmartBs Blog)

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