Sunday, August 10, 2008

Now that it's official, I can let you in on my calling.

I'm the new secretary for Young Women's!

(And, what's really sweet ... Not only did I get applause from the girls for accepting the calling, but one of the girls was all, "If clapping were allowed in Sacrament meeting, I would have applauded then, TOO!")

(No, really! They love me! And I'm going to try SO hard not to corrupt these sweet girls!)

Now, my calling is made even sweeter because I'm not the only secretary. The other secretary, S, has been released from her secretarial duties and is the Personal Progress gal (For those readers who don't get all the church-speak, Personal Progress is ... Um ... how to explain it. It's a program enabling young women [ages 12-18] , through the making of and completion of goals, to hone their talents and grow in a Gospel-directed way. Think of it kinda like Boy Scouts -- but for girls and instead of patches, the girls can get pendants for a necklace or charm bracelet. Clear as mud?) (And, hey, you people that DO know about the Personal Progress program, feel free to jump in with corrections and clarifications.)

But, yes, I've been sustained and set apart. I need to buy some dividers for my folder (As a secretary, I've got to be organized!) ... and if I have to go to Target for dividers, I'm going to take advantage of back-to-school sales and get some art-stuff for the kidlets.
(Since I know that Bucket is going to be SAD, SAD, SAD when our Monday playdate ends -- since school will be starting back again. I've got to distract her somehow. Maybe I'll actually get off my duff and start working on fine-motor skills with the kidlets. Make some copies. Get them working on writing their letters and numerals. Work on one-to-one correspondence [So that when Bucket is counting, she's actually COUNTING, not just rolling through her numbers. She often will count up to twelve when I only have, say, FOUR items. Bless her sweet heart.])

There are very many things that I really need to work on. Might as well get started.


Right now I'm starting to work on not devouring my little boy. As he keeps starting to throw tantrums. Because he never started to take.a.nap.the.little.bugger. (Not literally. He doesn't seem to swing that way. But he does irritate me when he refuses to nap. And, in doing so, keeps Bucket awake. ... So what did I do? I eventually ignored them. Michael was able to take a nap. I did a little hand treatment, finished my issue of Cosmo and Glamour. ... Somewhat productive.)

Okay, my kids are cute. Bucket climbed out of the bathtub and ran, nakkers, past me into te living room, where she stopped, because she couldn't find him (He was around the corner in the kitchen. She practically passed him on her way to the living room).
"Where Daddy be? Mommy, where Daddy be??" ... And then she ran by me. Completely nakkers except for her little hands covering her nips.

... Which quickly became less cute as she peed on the carpet in the hall. Ugh. But Michael took care of that.

And Bucket and I had a discussion on where we can and cannot pee. The bear potty? Yes. The frog potty? Yes. Mommy and Daddy's toilet? Yes. Bruise and Bucket's potty? Yes. The carpet? No.

She had the option then, generously given by yours truly, to either submit to a punishment or to suck the puddle in the hall back into her bladder for a redo. She handled her punishment very well. And is running around, chattering to her toys seconds later.

And she was very somber about not getting to wear her panties or get a sticker or a cupcake because she didn't go in the potty or toilet. And now they're back to playing with Michael. Good times.

Oh, and Michael was working on a newsletter, doing some research ... Did you know that Albany, Oregon has its own mounted posse? It's mostly volunteers, providing their own horses, tack, and most equipment to help the police department.

Seriously. You don't believe me, go look it up. It's SO for real. But crazy at the same time.
I mean the next town over from where I grew up had their Vigilantes for Justice. Not that I ever heard anything about them ... there were just a couple signs posted as you drove into town. Still, what's next? Maybe another town has its own trebuchet or something.

Okay, I'm blathering. Enough that I'm starting to notice it. ^_^ Shutting up now.

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I gave you a prize! Read my blog!

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