Monday, August 11, 2008


I just read online that PBS is planning on removing Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood from their daily syndicated programming.

(Oh, why couldn't it be Barney? I hate that show.)

But not Fred Rogers! Fred Rogers who practically LED the cause for Public Television.
(Seriously, it's like the USA removing Ben Franklin's picture from the $100 bill ... Ugh! Don't do it!!)

If you're all upset-ted by this development (as I obviously am), here are things that you can do, as given by

1. Write to Let them know that you don't support this decision (Bonus points if you're a member. I'll bet they'll listen extra hard. ^_^).

2. Write to your local public television channel. Let them know that you want your Mr. Rogers!

3. You can also join the Facebook group "Save Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood!"
If we can show PBS and its affiliates that there are lots of us who are willing to let our voices be heard, we can make a difference.

And, really. I'd be very sad if Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood wasn't on everyday.

And I'll be completely torked if Barney IS. ... HATE that purple dinosaur.

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