Friday, August 01, 2008

The Results (of my latest Poll, that is)

So, my dears, you have voted. I will post the results, just so you know that I really, really DO listen to you. (And I'll pander to your desires, too!)

Now, I'll list the topics, starting with the ones that got the most votes and go down to your (obviously) less favorites.

Here we go!

What Allanna will now know to blog about:
  • Cute things that Bucket and Bruise are doing - 5 votes
  • Funny family stories, please. - 5 votes
  • Bring on the humiliating stories! - 3 votes (wow, I thought you would jump on this. I do a LOT of stupid stuff. ^_^)
  • Church stuff ... you sinner. - 2 votes
  • Um ... *nervous look* ... I like cheese! - 2 votes (Wow, we've got some dairy-lovers out there, huh?)
  • What's it like having twins? Even though you really have no experience having just one at a time. (Breeder!!!!1!) - 2 votes.
  • Just shut up and post more fun links and videos! - 1 vote
  • Other - 1 vote (Thank you, Brooke. Now, you have to tell me which subject I should blog about. I'm not letting you off that easy. ^_^)

Now, I'm not surprised that the main reason most of you are here is my munchkin brigade. They're pretty adorable. I know. ^_^ And I'll make sure to keep the twin-tales coming.

I'm still really surprised that more of you didn't vote to hear for more of my humiliation. I mean, I've got so many to choose from! ^_^

But, to get it out of the way, my next post will be all about what it's like having twins. From my very limited experience.

And I'll still be keeping the links and videos coming. I like sharing, you know. And I'll try not to share TMI, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. :P

And, oh, I'll wrack my brain for lots and lots and lots of funny family stories. (Most of them will involve me ... but I'll make sure to give my family members some screen time. ^_^)

But as you have voted, so let it be done.

And, if you start getting bored with me, hit me (figuratively, please!) with some requests. I can do requests. ^_^ And if I can't do that exact one, I'll try and fake it do my best.

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