Friday, August 29, 2008

About a bridal shower ... and other things. But be warned.

NOTE: Corrected the lightning video link in the post a couple days ago. Sorry about that. Now you can go watch its awesomeness-issity.

It's a week until my sister-in-law T1 gets married. CRAZY. Her bridal shower was yesterday. It was good to see everyone and to meet some of her other friends. (I know some of them ... like B, who I had in a few classes at college. A FUN girl. Totally FUN.) It was a very nice shower.

I won one of the games ... making words out of the letters in the bride and groom's full names. My best ones? "Thief," "Faint," "X-ray." ... I play to win when it comes to word games, baby.

The wife of one of our past bishops remarked, "Well, Allanna. I noticed you had quite a few four-letter words in there." (Like cats, rats, coat, etc.)
And I turn to her and throatily say, "They're my specialty."

Because I am JUST that mature, y'all.

T1 was worried that I'd continue the tradition of a mutual friend (and roommate) or ours in gifting the bride with a teddy bought at Goodwill.

Not. On. Your. Life.

Enless I'm EXTREMELY good friends with you. I can think of maybe two friends that I might try that with. And that would be in conjunction with getting a REAL present.

And that Goodwill teddy I was gifted?
Went back to Goodwill.

I just couldn't bring myself to give lots of prophylactics or manuals or anything in front of Grandma C. She's a sweet lady. She can handle lingerie ... but anything that I'd be tempted to get to be funny/racy/etc ... I am not about to be the cause of anyone's cardiac arrest. (I just totally typed "cardinal arrest." Now I'm picturing a little red bird in cuffs. *snrk!!*)

Well, I should (keyword: should) do another load of dishes, throw some meat in the fridge to defrost, clean the kitchen and bathrooms in preparation for all the company that will be descending arriving next week. And meet with Dianne (who's totally saving my heinie) to discuss all the pictures that we'll be taking on the temple grounds and at the reception.
And I should get a shower. Sometime.

But I was very proud of my little Bucket yesterday. She understood that I had a party to go to for adult ladies. And she let me go without tears. Just hugs and kisses and wishes that I'd have fun. How cute is she?? (Bruise wasn't so keen to have me go. But he took it well. Especially since Michael bribed him with pizza. Not that either of the kidlets ate much of it. But still. It's the thought that counts, right?)

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Fold My Laundry Please said...

Have you seen the movie "Made of Honor" with Patrick Dempsey? He throws a bridal shower for his friend and gets tricked into hiring a sex toy sales person as the entertainment and the feeble old grandmother buys a pair of *ahem* glow in the dark thunderbeads and wears them as a necklace to various functions throughout the rest of the movie. It was hilarious! I do recommend the movie (it's PG-13 because of some language and some slightly racy scenes) because it was a cute romantic comedy. But really because it has Patrick Dempsey in it. RAWR!

Also, we ordered an XL cheese pizza for the kids the other day and before I knew it the box was empty and they were begging for more! And this happens EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT! You think I'd learn to order more pizza for these pizza fiends!

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