Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blargh ... plus some cute stuff. And some poop.

So, I get a call ... Michael's going to be taking care of some financial stuff while I'm gone.
He's me big, strong man. Helping me to not worry so that my brain melts and seeps out my ears.

BESIDES THAT, we went to storytime (survived!), got the kidlets' summer reading program prizes (a book each, and coupons for blueberry-picking and free tacos), then we hit Target and Costco.

Sadly, Costco did not have TONS of free samples out. Whatever.

But the kids were generally well-behaved and cute.

When I asked Bucket if she wanted to do a little shopping, she's all "No. I do BIG SHOPPIN!!!"

That's my girl.

We picked up Pull-Ups. Bruise has Cars and Bucket has Princesses. She's been so thrilled to have her "princess panties" that she went pee in the potty at least three times. And even pooped, too! That's some serious motivation when you've got panties with "Swinderlella" on them.

Bruise ... well, he's taken to wearing his Cars UNDERWEAR ... and he pooped too ... just not in the toilet. At least I caught it before it got ground into the fabric or anything. *phew*

I'm tired. I couldn't sleep last night. Ended up staying up until midnight. And I have so much to do and I'm completely unmotivated ... and then I freaked out with the phone call from the Dr.'s office ... But I've prayed and Michael's going to take care of it and things are going to work out. Somehow. But they will.

Hey, anyone wanna join my "Don't Have Enough Money" Club? The only requirement is that you don't have enough money to buy everything you want. Bonus points if you totally second-guess purchases after a while. Extra bonus points if you wish that you didn't have to eat. Ever. ('Cause. DANG Y'ALL, I'd be saving a veritable CRAPLOAD of monies if I never had to buy food.)

But things will be okay. Someday. And my mental health number will go far down. And I won't text my husband about a bazillion times. And I'll spoil my kids and never worry about retirement (or social security) or the price of tea in China, etc., etc., so forth.

Well, I'd better unleash my children from naptime.

Take care, everyone! I probably won't blog until Monday. So ... yeah.
If you seriously miss me too much, go to and watch Dr. Horrible. And sing along with the Laundry Day song. And start reciting the dialogue.
And if that doesn't help, go rent/buy Firefly. I'm just about Kaylee. With some Wash thrown in.


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