Friday, August 29, 2008

More on the Mr. Roger's Front

So, here's the latest ... I got a reply a few days ago from PBS:
Thank you for writing to PBS regarding MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD.

This iconic series holds an extremely special place in PBS's heart. Together, PBS and Family Communications, Inc. are committed to evolving the role this cherished series plays in today's media landscape, ensuring future generations of children can experience this rich, unique content.

PBS will continue to distribute repeats of MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD to all member stations. PBS stations have the option of broadcasting the series everyday or once a week as best suited for their local community interests. For those that choose to air the series daily, PBS is feeding 185 episodes over the summer, allowing easy access to a library of episodes. For those stations choosing to air the series weekly, they can pick up the weekly feed this fall.

PBS continues to invest in the MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD Web site at, enriching content with new games, activities and resources for kids, parents and teachers. In addition, PBS and Family Communications, Inc. are planning to preserve MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD content and make it available on demand through Web streaming so families can access it 24/7. We will also engage Fred Rogers' many active fans to vote for favorite episodes, share stories and more.

Kevin Morrison, COO of Family Communications, added, "We've been working with PBS on the details of the distribution of MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD in 2008-09 and are pleased that stations can choose to continue to show the series each day or once a week. Fred Rogers was one of the pioneers of public television and it's exciting that he will now be a new media pioneer on an expanded PBS KIDS Web service. Both PBS and Family Communications have some great ideas to make this a rich resource for children and parents for years to come."

Our support for MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD reaches far beyond the TV series and Web site, including participation in comprehensive viral campaigns such as "Sweater Day" in March and various sweater drives across the country. PBS has carried on the legacy of Fred Rogers through his TV show, the Web and PBS station community outreach activities for years because of the incredible impact Fred has had on children.

Fred Rogers' values are embedded in all the work we do and have been an inspiration to new generations of children's producers. Everyday, PBS KIDS is taking children on a journey to learn about themselves, others and the world around them, a philosophy that's very much inspired by Fred Rogers' work and his dedication to the betterment of all children.

We appreciate your interest in our programs and hope you will continue to watch and support your local PBS station.

PBS Viewer Services
Well, it's not GREAT news ... but I am a little happier in knowing that there will be 24/7 streaming of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood ... Now, when I get lots of monies, I need to get a TV set up where I have it hooked up to the computer. Because that would be awesome. And, also, we can all curl up in front of the telly, as a family, to watch Mr. Rogers and learn to be a better neighbor. Because Mr. Rogers is made of awesome. And I pink, puffy heart him. (And not just because he was a handsome young man. Dude, have you seen him in the tapes of when he was speaking to encourage subsidized public television?? Brad Pitt, look out! AND Fred Rogers was faithful to his wife. I'm just sayin'.)

So ... if you do feel strongly about having your local public broadcast station showing Fred Rogers everyday, you really do need to make your voice heard. But if you don't really care ... ... ... Well, you can still be my friend. But not my best.

(Joking!!) (Sorta.)

Besides, I rather like it when, if I have to be awake that early, cuddling with my kidlets in my big bed while watching Mr. Rogers. It's a good way to start a day. Encourages me to yell less and to work harder at keeping my patience with my little hellions dear, sweet bayy-bees. Because I do love them almost all of the time. ^_^ (There are times, I'll admit, when I love them less than they deserve. Because I am a flawed little sinner. Which is yet another reason why I'm glad that we can repent. Because, Heaven knows, I need repentance and the power of the Atonement in my life.)(Just keepin' it real.)

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Fold My Laundry Please said...

So basically, PBS is going to keep doing what they've already been doing. It's always been up to the local stations whether or not to show Mister Rogers. I do like the live streaming thing, though. Up til now, We've watched what episodes we could on Youtube. I'll bet the quality on the Mister Rogers website will be much better.

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