Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Now, this week, I've been tired. (I mean, hey, it's been DAYS since I last blogged. The laundry has still gone unfolded. Etc., etc., etc.)

And when I'm tired, I get irked VERY easily. Especially by people that whine and scream. Which, at times, is the perfect description for my children (Lord love them, but, OH, they can WHINE!).

SO, even though there are times when I'm am more than willing to devour them just to stop. the. whining., I am, instead, going to tell you some cute things that they've done.

Last week, we (the kidlets and I) were driving into the next town to rendezvous with some friends that I haven't seen in a while (YEARS, in some cases) (And, yes, I KNOW, I'm actually being SOCIAL. Oh. Em. Gee, y'all. the apocalypse is coming. You know it).

So, as I'm driving, I look back and both the kidlets are OUT. They've finally fell to the sweet siren call of slumber (after fighting a nap ALL. DAY. LONG.) ... As I'm about to pull off the highway, a couple motorcycles pull up alongside us in the next lane.
Bruise, pulls himself out of unconsciousness long enough to squeeze open his eyes and murmur, "Cy-cah, Mommy. Mo-or cy-cah." ... Until I respond, "Yes, Bruise. There are motorcycles." "Yeah. Cy-cah." And HE FALLS STRAIGHT BACK ASLEEP.

Hilarious? Yes. Darling? Double-yes.

And, oh, my son is becoming such the little boy.
As he came back from a little outing with the grandfolks, he stops by my chair and farts.
"Bruise! I heard that!"
He just grins at me and tells me, "Mommy, I stinky."
Yes. Yes, he is. And thinks it's hilarious.

Bucket still plays scared of her uncle C. It's kind of hilarious, since he totally plays into it. He finds it absolutely hilarious that she says that he's "scary me." (As in, "Do you love Uncle C?" "Nooo. He scary me. [He scares me.]")
I guess it makes up for how her cousin B (who Bucket LOVES!!) was scared of Michael. For YEARS.
(And once, it was his fault. He did scare her. It was nothing that C wouldn't have done, though. But, oh, she wouldn't hug him or even WALK near him for the longest time. Now that she's four, though, she'll give him hugs out of the blue. So I think it's all worked out.)

Bucket also has NO QUALMS about making he opinion known. Especially when she's tired.
She will yell, "NO! I NO WANNA go home! I stay Gramma!/I stay 'Brina (a playdate friend)!" or "No! I NO WANNA nap time. I watch show!" or "No, Mommy. I no want nap time. I'm happy!"

They still freak out when I clip their nails. I don't know why. But they do.

And it was very sweet this morning, as they crawled in bed with me, when Bruise kept trying to talk to Bucket. And Bucket whispered back to him, "Shh, Bruise! Mommy s'eepin!" (as if I really could sleep when these guys are awake ... which is why I really suck at taking naps ... But I appreciated the thought.)

Bucket loves to sing her ABCs ... even though she leaves 'E' out. And Bruise's humming it, too. They really seem to enjoy that the ABC song is the same tune to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and if I sing one of them, I'll have to follow up with the other. ^_^

I got caught up on dishes for a few minutes yesterday. Then the missionaries came over for dinner. they're so nice to like my cooking. But I did actually have a dessert made this time. And they felt so spoiled. ^_^

Even thought, at one point, Bucket came through the room, farted, and ran off giggling.

Yup, that's my girl. *rolls eyes*

Now Bruise is begging for an orange. (I've gotten it for him now) "Orange. Orange. Mommy. Mommy, orange. Peeze."

(Almost funnier was last week, when he was in my lap, IN MY FACE, negotiating getting a snack. "Mommy. Snack. Snack-k-k-k. Snack-k-k-k. Mommy. Peeze. Snack. K-k-k-k. Snack. Peeze." ...Well, it made ME laugh.)

Sorry if this post is all ... not making sense. I'm really still waking up. If I could, I think that I'd just take a five-hour nap, so that I could get back to feeling less like the walking dead. But, with my munchkin brigade around? Don't think it's gonna happen.

And we have storytime in a couple hours. And I have a shload of laundry to fold.
And at least three books to read. So, yeah. And a load (and a half) of dishes to do.

It's all good. And, hey, at least I have some near-constant entertainment.

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Kelsey Norwood said...

Thanks for telling me that I was on Crafty Crow, I had no idea! And I love reading your blog - you make me feel normal. Toodles!

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