Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The kids were caught up on shots ... except for their flu shot.
There was no record of a current flu shot.

So, Bruise cried ... then, as he hopped off the table, gasped, "That didn't hurt. Only a little!"

Bucket ... screamed in my ear.

They're both healthy ... they'll never be the biggest kids for their age. But their percentiles are consistent. Nothing to worry about.

And library books are turned in.

I also was reading the handbook for their school.
There is no standard that must be met for cold lunches ... so, more proof that the cafeteria helper overstepped her bounds.

Nice to get even MORE validation.

I'm ready for a nap. As little girlie-fetus is turning somersaults in utero. Silly girlie.
(Also, I had to take my anti-nausea pill this morning. I didn't throw up ... but my body was sure trying to. Just wasn't bringing up anything. Not even the water I had drunk shortly before. Crazy body.)

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