Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Renuzit Fresh Accents - Review

****Disclaimer: I received two free samples of the Renuzit Fresh Accents Air Fresheners for this post.
This is because I'm a Purex Insider. ... Because I like free stuff AND I like Purex.
Just keeping it real. Since these are my honest, candid opinions. Because that's what I do. ^_^

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I can give you my honest review (since that's the point) of this review ... and of being a Purex Insider.

Truth be told, I ONLY JUST opened one of them today... and I received my kit back in October.
It's been a little crazy around here, can you tell?

BUT, with only having the Winterberry scent freshener out, I can honestly tell you that my bathroom smells MUCH better (Now, just ignore the major pile of dirty laundry and the huge amount of clutter. Please??)

I did notice that Michael's grandma, when we were visiting family at Christmas has the Festive Snow scented freshener in HER bathroom ... and it does smell really nice, too.

There also were three coupons for free air fresheners ... and I WOULD share ... EXCEPT that they expire at the end of this week! Oops!!! So ... well, the thought was there. But, maybe it's just THAT much more important for my house to smell nice. Especially since, in a couple months, we'll have dirty diapers and spit-up to deal with.
(And, really? One of those puppies is SO going into the kids' bathroom. I don't think I have to tell you why. And that's the bathroom that, generally, I clean most often! And it STILL needs air fresheners in there!! Ew!)

But, since I haven't had mine out of the box for long, I can't tell you much about their longevity.
They're supposed to last for 30 days, in case you wondered.
And, judging by the other air fresheners in the Renuzit family, I'm betting they'll last pretty well.
And they ARE pretty. The holders have little snowflake-designs cut out of them. And I hear that they're really pretty in a window or somewhere they can have light shining through them.

If you have any questions about MY experience with them, just ask.
If you just want to know about the product, go and mosey over to http://www.renuzit.com/products/winter-berry-fresh-accents/ and check them out (You can click through to look at the Festive Snow-scented one, too).

And, in full disclosure, I'll let you know that some air-fresheners are WAY STRONG right out of the box (especially to someone who happens to be pregnant and has a bloodhound's sense of smell [well, when she doesn't have the plague, that is] ... This is not one of them. It smells really nice. Strong enough to be noticeable, but not strong enough where I have the urge to wrap it in plastic. ^_^

So, could I honestly recommend this? Sure! It's pretty and smells nice. And it doesn't take up a whole lot of room.  So, yeah, I'm feeling pretty lucky. ^_^

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