Friday, October 21, 2011

The results are in!

So, I wore my cool new shirt yesterday. Got quite a few compliments (from the Pharmacist, the receptionist at the clinic, lots of people at rehearsal ... It's nice to be complimented).

Our ultrasound tech saw it and he stated, "That's a very appropriate shirt for today!"
(Thanks, Bri, for encouraging me to wear it! ^_^ And thanks to my mom for buying it for me! And thanks to Rachel for finding it and posting it to Facebook! I couldn't do it without y'all!)
Excuse my messy mirror.
The kiddos like to KEEP. TOUCHING. IT.
Also, my shirt glows in the dark. ^_^
So, Bruise is still having some issues with his tooth. He was fine Monday and Tuesday ... but Wednesday evening, he was feeling it again. :( But we had our appointment with Dr. K. Thursday after school. It looks like Bruise does have a small infection in that HUGE cavity he has. So he'll be taking antibiotics 3x/day for the next week. ... At least he gets the yummy one. Amoxicillin, I think is the name. The pink one.

I think I may have to call, though and get the pain medicine prescription (Tylenol with codine) for Bruise, though. He spent last night in our bed after his nighttime dose of antibiotics.

Then, we went to Target and I picked up his prescription and my generic Zofran. And, since we were running late, I went to the bathroom and drank a bottle of water and a bottle of VitaminWater (this is so that they could get a look at my cervix during the ultrasound. Thank goodness he did that first! Oh, I was ready to burst with those 40 oz of liquids in me!

The only thing I was really worried about, going into that ultrasound (well, besides, peeing my pants) was that maybe the placenta wouldn't be high enough. Nope! It's riding nice and high! It's looking good that, if everything else goes swell, I won't have to have a c-section (Hey, I give myself ENOUGH scars through my clumsy ways ... and I need all my energy for taking care of a kiddo, not recuperating from major abdominal surgery.

Regardless, we got to get lots of measurements done during the ultrasound: arms, legs, head, stomach ...
And we have found out the gender.

                                              You can see her head with profile and her chest.
                                 No girly-bits shot for you.

Bruise carried out his threat of facepalming ... because he isn't quite thrilled (yet) that they're getting a little sister.
Bucket had said before that she wanted a little brother, too ... but, really, she faked us out. She's excited to have a little sister.

Mom's taking it well (She's not wild about the name we've chosen. YET. She'll get used to it. And she's happy to know who this new grandbaby will be). Mom and Dad C are excited. (Mom C called it months ago. ^_^) Dad and L are happy. Nana's pretty estatic, too. Within six years, she's gone from never thinking she'd be a great-grandmother to having three great-grandchildren (and this one on the way will make four: two boys and two girls).

In the tradition of my blog, we're not going to put this kiddos real name on it (since I like having a public blog. It's easier. And it gives my kids some modicum of privacy and protection). But, if you're on Facebook, I'll get to a reveal there ... sometime this week, probably. We've had names picked out for a while (almost six years with the boy's name ... a few months with our girl's name. We'll see if we get to use the boy's name sometime in the future. I told Bruce that, if we're lucky, maybe next time it'll be a boy).

In all honesty, I wouldn't have minded another boy. This generation has been a little girl-heavy.
So it'd be kinda cool to be the family with more than one boy ...
But ... I am excited for this girl. Her name is awesome.
(Nana said, "It's unique ... People are going to be saying, 'It's different.' Then they'll get used to it." She's right. Most people haven't heard it used. Or, if they have, it hasn't been often-used at all. ... I still feel a little bad that Bucket's name is kinda popular. At least she doesn't have another [First Name] in her class yet.)
And, it is true that little girl clothes are ADORABLE ... It'll be good to get more use out of Bucket's old clothes (and knowing family, this girl won't be limited to hand-me-downs, either).

I still ... I'm not used to knowing who's in there.
Michael's called me out on the fact that I still haven't called my fetus by name.
I'll work on that.
He prayed for her BY NAME this morning. Very sweet.

And ... I guess there might be some truth in the theory that girls cause morning sickness.
(*knock on wood* I haven't thrown up for a few days ... Maybe I'm finally getting over it. *hope hope!*)
Now, in a few more months (like 3.5 or so), we'll find out if the old wives' tale about heartburn = hair has any truth to it.

I still am not really looking pregnant all the time. It depends on that shirts I wear. When I wear a regular t-shirt style shirt? I just look ... regular.
If I wear some of my maternity shirts, I can look like I've finally popped.

I still fit into my regular jeans right now. (All that morning sickness had me lose some weight. ... If my old scale was correct before it broke, I was around 218 when I got pregnant. Then I started puking. LOTS. And I'm around 203 right now, and that's after gaining a little weight. So ... yeah, I fit into my regular jeans. The waistband is a little diggy-inny, though, since I'm going to be losing my hourglass figure for a bit. Again.

So, today, I need to clean up the front rooms a bit. (Do dishes. Clean counters. Pick up the floor. Clean the table. Vacuum. Clean off my desk. Clean off the junk counter. Fold a metric crapton of laundry that's living on the couch. DUST. Feed the hedgehogs ... poor prickle sisters. ... I'm sure that I'll find more to do. *sigh*)

And I think we're going to get pumpkins. And maybe a stroller ... since we only have double strollers. And I won't need one of those for a while (if ever, really, since the kiddos have outgrown them.) ... I could look at diaper bags, since my last one? Well, I pretty much wore that one out ... including a few of those freebie ones from the formula companies (Hey, I don't mind taking freebies. Doesn't mean that I really feel obligated to those companies. But I appreciate free, helpful things).

But, yeah ... that's most of what's going on around here lately.
So ... yeah.
So, wish me motivation on getting the front rooms cleaned up.
And not needing a nap (and keeping from snipping/nagging at the kids when they get squirrelly).

Oh! We tried one of the local self-serve frozen-yogurt places. Got to try mochi on mine. It was ... chewy. But not unpleasant. And the raspberries? SOooooooo good. Oh my flip. Amazing.
I had the cheesecake yogurt/strawberry sorbet swirl. Michael opted for cheesecake and cake batter yogurt. The kids went with Thin Mint and tangy (well, Bucket had Thin Mint and tangy swirled with cranberry hibiscus) ... And they learned that gummies don't do well in frozen yogurt. They get REALLY hard to chew.

Well, the kiddo is awake and swimming. Almost just in time to take the kids to the bus.
And ... I'm still working up the motivation to tackle even my desk and the dishes. Oh well. I'm going to get it done. I NEED to. This way I won't be FREAKING OUT when Dad, L, and Nana come up to a messy, messy house on Monday. I can do this. I can.

Good thing that this weekend is Stake Conference. That gives me one extra hour on Sunday. Unless I get stuff done Saturday ... which'd be really nice.

Okay. Time to stop blathering on (and on and on and on) and to get a move on and DO STUFF.

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