Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Brain Dump

  • Why is it whenever I blog that my nausea is going away that it rears its ugly head again?
    So, obvs, I'm still taking my generic Zofran.
  • I rolled out three pie crusts this morning.
    I managed not to curse sore cursings at them. Though I DID give that dough a SEVERE talking-to.
    My dining room table, where I rolled out the dough, looks like a bag of flour exploded.
    I should clean it.
  • I'm working at getting the energy to make the pie fillings -- pecan, apple, and pumpkin.
    And then two no-bake cheesecakes. Which I can practically make in my sleep ... if I don't forget to add the 1 tsp. Vanilla. Which has happened.
    Didn't ruin the recipe, though. Which is kinda amazing, since (besides the crust) there are only four ingredients. Unless you add a topping. (Cherry pie filling is my fave.)
  • I'm already exhausted.
    And I still need a shower, to run to Target and the bread store, make those dang pies, and maybe get a nap before our LONG rehearsal tonight.
    I think I might pop half a Unisom tonight. Since I have to be up to take Freyja in tomorrow (with kids in tow, no school!) for her booster shot.
  • I have library books. That I want to read. And I haven't had the energy to do that. Ugh.
  • I had a glass of egg nog (the lite kind) for breakfast. BEST BREAKFAST EVER.
  • I have pie crust dough under my fingernails. Well, under the ones that haven't broken off.
    (I lost TWO yesterday.)
  • I worked at cleaning our bedroom a bit this morning. It's STARTING to look better. There's still a LOT of stuff that needs cleaning.
  • I have beading supplies in the bedroom. It'd be nice to make something with them.
  • Should I make a hat for this nicknameless girlie? Or attempt to make a blanket?
    If I make a blanket, I need to run to the craft store for a bigger loom.
  • Everything costs money. Why??????
  • I really want a nap.
    But I REALLY, REALLY want to have my pies taken care of ... so I should get off my duff and DO THAT.
    Then get a shower and run errands. Even if the kids have to come with me. 
Okay, getting off the blogging now. Pies ... at least the pecan, shower, and Target.
I can do this.

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