Monday, November 14, 2011

Facebook Alert

Just so you know, I posted a note on Facebook with the big name reveal.

I did it as a note, so that you wouldn't have to search through the stream for it days and days later.
I'm so nice.

AND it explains WHY we chose the name we did.

So ... yeah.

And if you don't have me on Facebook ... well, I guess you could always ask. ^_^
Unless you're a creeper. :P

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Bonnie-Jean: Our Army Life said...

I feel like the worst friend, I keep finding out important information WAY later than I should. Please forgive me. :) I'm now going to read up on your blog so I can be better informed. Honestly I don't know where the last 6 months have gone? <3 you guys... "Imagine me and you, I do, I think about you day and night, it's only right, to think about the girl I stock both day and night, so happy together......" ;)

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