Sunday, November 20, 2011

And another look into my life ...

So, yesterday, as Bri and I were preparing to get into our costumes for rehearsal, I couldn't find mine.

I had been assured that my costume had been sewed ... and it wasn't where it SHOULD be (with my nametag on the clothes rack) ... so Bri and I were joking around as we were about to track down the gal in charge of costumes.

"Well," I drawled, "I guess I'm just gonna have to go on stage in my NUDIE-PANTS!"

"Just make sure you have a head covering," Bri rejoined.

"Yeah," I agreed. "Because if I didn't have on my head covering, I'd totally look like a HARLOT."
(Since this is Ancient Israel, we're talking about.)

Then I realized that President C (our Stake President ... he's in charge of the wards/congregations in our immediate geographical area) was in the room ... and that I had said ALL OF THIS, not thinking, while he had been in here the WHOLE TIME.

And I sheepishly grimaced, "I probably should have said that in front of our STAKE PRESIDENT."

And he just came over and patted my arm.

Yeah, I think he's been around me enough to not be shocked.
That and he's our county District Attorney ... so it probably takes a lot to really faze him.

Maybe this means that I won't have to worry about any Stake callings (responsibilities) coming my way.
... Or else it means that I really DO need to worry about a future Stake calling. Since they already know exactly what they're getting into.
Oh, gosh, I'm going to be the female J. Golden Kimball of the Stake ...

Well, it's not like I haven't brought this upon myself. :P

Besides, Bri and I have already made jokes about her character (Mary) taking the ceremonial drink like a shot of liquor. (Heh, good jokes there.) OR about how if I DIDN'T wear my head covering (a veil) onstage, since ALL my appearances are when menfolk are around, I'd be stoned as a harlot.
(And, when talking about this, I always look down to my swollen abdomen and gasp, "WHO TOLD?!?" Since I never appear with a husband in this production, you know.)

"Yeah, Mary, take THAT as an object lesson of what'll happen to you if you don't behave!"
And Bri, Trish, and I snicker.

OR, in mentioning the fact that we're all supposed to have backstories about our character (especially those of us who are NOT Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, or Zecharias) ... So I came up with one.

So, our family comes from Tiberius (which I can remember the name of thanks to James T. Kirk. [Trekkie reference! Even though I am better at following Star Wars!]), which is along the Sea of Galilee.
My husband (WORKAHOLIC) is a trader of gems and metalworks. And we've started a speculative freshwater pearl market on the side. (Since I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA if there are pearls in the Galilean Sea. At all.)
And I just am left my my own devices in Nazareth (or Jerusalem, depending on the scene) while he's off making those boucoup bucks to support me and our developing child in the manner to which I'm accustomed.

But, IF anyone isn't happy with THAT story, Michael and I have a theory that my character was abandoned in Ancient Israel by the 16th Doctor, after I missed reuniting with the TARDIS. My own fault.
So, while I'm stuck there, I got married and knocked up. AND THERE'S A SPECULATIVE FRESHWATER PEARL MARKET ... because, dude, that is GOLDEN right there. I'm so proud of myself for coming up with that one.

Also, since I have a piece of rope as part of my costume, Bri votes that I find a sundial (a BIG ONE) to hang from that rope belt ... so I can be an Ancient Israelite version of Flava Flav.
Now, where'd I put mah GRILLZ??

But, yeah, somehow I don't see our costume gal being in favor of that.
But, well, YOU'LL know that I secretly a geeked-out, trapped in another time, Ancient Israelite gangsteeeeeeeeeeeeer. Yeah, boiiyz. Fo' sho'.

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