Monday, October 24, 2011

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So, in case you're waiting around with bated breath, I still haven't done the name-reveal on Facebook.
I'll get around to it.

Friday, after Michael got home from work, we headed over and bought galoshes. Just plain black ones. He opted for ones with steel toes. I was fine without. And we got a pair of small clippers. Then we went to the pumpkin patch and got our pumpkins. And a gallon of fresh apple cider. (We skipped the doughnuts. This time.)
Then we headed up to Baby Depot and got our stroller and carseat set. (Graco's Alano Flip-It in Circa ... but we got it for $20 cheaper and with a free car seat cover ... which I still forgot to use our 15% off coupon. Oops. ... but, still, it was a really good buy.)

Saturday ... we mostly just cleaned. Michael helped move furniture (EQ duties) in the morning and drove a load to the dump for a family. Then he had the leadership session of Stake Conference in the afternoon. And ... I did dishes, some laundry, cleaned off my desk, cleaned the junk counter (once ... then it got a little cluttered again), cleaned the kids' bathroom, did some more laundry ... We also used up the WIC vouchers before Michael had to take off.
Michael came home after the session and then went to dismantle a bunk bed at a family's home, taking the kids with him (since I NEEDED some quiet time). And I did ... I don't even remember. I didn't yell, that's one thing.

Sunday was Stake Conference. I NEEDED a nap when we got home. And then I went on RS visits with the RS president. And, after I got back home ... I am starting to blank out again on what I did. Cleaned a bit more ... And ... I don't even know.
After the kids got to bed, Michael and I got caught up on episodes of "The New Girl" and we watched what's available of season 5 of "The Guild." (GREAT cameos in this season. Quite awesome.)

Also, I cleaned the hedgies cages ... and Phyllis ... she's been favoring her hind feet for a few weeks. Now it appears that she's been biting them And her tail. They're red and scabby ... and I can't see her toes. Not very cool. So I wasn't sleeping well last night. (Sari Jasmine, her sister, is FINE, though.)
Today, I scheduled a vet appointment (Michael told me to, so I won't feel guilty about it. I REFUSE to feel guilty about it going to cost money. I just don't want Phyllis to be in pain. I know that she's almost 5, which is OLD for a hedgehog. So ... we'll see what happens.) and put some antibiotic ointment on her poor hind feet and tail (which she immediately bit/licked off ... well, at least she's getting SOME antibiotics, right?). But she's eating ... and she was sleeping peacefully when I checked on her this morning. So ... yeah.

And I have Freyja's last needed booster scheduled. Then a well-child check-up for the kiddos.
And I have two rehearsals for Savior of the World this week ... We're getting a new (to us) couch on Friday. Saturday, we'll take the kids up to the zoo for "Howl-o-ween" ... I think I need more naps.

Especially seeing as how yesterday I felt so bad about being a crap pet owner that I couldn't sleep until I got up and checked The Google for what to do. (And The Google, being wonderful, made me feel a little better ... it appears that some hedgies DO bite their feet. And there IS the fact that Phyllis is, really, a geriatric hedgehog.)
Still, with being pregnant ... and with the kids kinda scared to hold the hedgies ... after Phyllis passes, I am thinking that maybe we need to rehome Sari. ... UNLESS Bruise and Bucket are ready to step up and take charge of making sure she has food ... and some socialization every day.

Really, I can handle cats. Cats are good. And fish. I can do fish. ... And, well, I kinda would like to try having a chinchilla ... at least the kids wouldn't be trepidatious about holding one.
But that's a while out. When I have some more time to breathe (and am not in the throes of morning sickness, nesting, or changing diapers).

This morning, I slept in (until around 7:30, what bliss!) ... then I rolled myself out of bed and worked on getting the rest of the house clean before Dad, L, and Nana came up to visit.
I did a load of dishes, got a few loads in and out of the laundry, wiped off the counters and stove, put away THAT load of dishes, ran another load, got the clothes in the living room OUT of the living room (most were put away ... if they had been folded), got the bathmats back in the kids' bathroom, used the plunger on that toilet, found the mysterious STINK in our bathroom (NASTY TOWEL! STANKY!), started another load of wash (hot water, color-safe bleach, OxiClean, fabric softener crystals, detergent), vacuumed, showered, did the pots and pans by hand ... scheduled vet appointments ... and was ready when Dad, et al., arrived.

So, I COULD use a nap.
And we have the kids' parent-teacher conferences tonight. And their book fair. ... Then vet and dr's appointments, my rehearsals ... At least Friday will be kind of quiet. And they don't have school again next Monday (no school today ... that's why I got to sleep in. Did I mention that it was REALLY NICE?).

And I had a weird dream last night. About these cardboard-type bento-like boxes. You had to disassemble them JUST SO. Or else. And DO NOT crumple them up!! (Thinking back, it's almost like Gremlins. Wow. I don't think I've watched that since I was, what, seven?)
Because if you did (which I, of course -- being a screw up, DID), they grew alligator laws and tried to bite off your fingers/hand/arm.
And we were at a mall ... and we had to go to a jewelry store in there, where an older Asian lady (wise woman-type) had to tell us how to stop these crazy alligator bentos.
I don't know if I ever learned how.
It was weird.

And I now know for sure that pears do not trigger my allergy (apples and raw almonds? Yes. Peaches and pears? No.) So I can eat them without my tongue getting all itchy. Good to know. Darn birch/aspen allergy and the cross-triggers. Ugh.

But, yeah ... that's about it.

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